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Hello there and welcome to The Belle La Vie Project, a beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog and my little home on the internet.

I'm Kelly!

I decided to name my blog The Belle La Vie Project as I love France, as it is such a beautiful place and Belle La Vie is french for 'beautiful life' (there are many different opinions on how it is actually said i.e. belle vie, la belle vie and belle la vie. I chose this one as it had a nice ring to it!) I think it's such a lovely way of approaching life and I think we are surrounded by so many beautiful things each and every day, we just need to open our eyes!

I'm still living at home with my lovely mum at the moment, I have three gorgeous cats and the most amazing boyfriend in the world!

I'm not your typical 21 year old girl, although I have a passion for life and all things beauty and fashion related, I'd much rather spend a cosy night in with the boyf than hitting the clubs. My friends sometimes call me an old lady trapped inside a 21-year olds body!

I'm addicted to tea, make up and chocolate cake! Yum!

I love taking photos, going for walks in the park, spending time with my friends & family and baking!

All in all, I'm pretty happy. So come on in and take a look around!

Kelouise xo

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