Tuesday, 2 December 2014

You Beauty Discovery Advent Calender Day #1 Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

If you were lucky enough to receive a beauty advent calender this year then I'm sure you can understand my excitement (and impatience) to open door number 1 at 12:15am this morning! I had never really heard much about the world of beauty calenders before starting my blog last year & after seeing countless youtubers receive amazing beauty products each day leading up to Christmas day, I just knew I wanted in. After browsing the selection of calenders available, my first choice was Benefit's Candy-Coated Count Down. But as I'm sure most of you already know, Benefit are an extremely popular brand, especially when it comes to their long-awaited festive calender. So I wasn't surprised when I went to order mine they were all unfortunately sold out. So I decided to go for the You Beauty Discovery Calender. You Beauty is another very popular choice & is always getting rave reviews in the blogosphere so it seemed the best choice. Unlike the Benefit calender, YBD is full of wonderful products from lots of different brands. This really appealed to me, because there's nothing better than being able to try a wide range of beauty goodies (and hopefully find some new faves along the way)

The YBD Calender retailed at £49.95 (plus £4.95 p+p if you're not a member) So this isn't exactly the cheapest one on the market. However my very lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me with this lovely early crimbo pressie & I couldn't be happier! As I didn't have to shell out for my own, I decided to treat my mum to her own Beauty Calender this year, and opted for No7, which retails at £35 (containing £135 worth of products, what a bargain!) I know just how stressful a time Christmas can be for my mum, who always tries to make everything perfect for me & my sister, so I really wanted to give her a special treat, something to look forward to each day of December. She was overjoyed when I presented her with No7 Calender & this made me feel very warm & fuzzy. (Okay I'll stop with the cheesiness now, back to the box!)

When I first opened my YBD calender I was a little disappointed to see that one of the doors had almost come off completely. However it was door number 1 so it wasn't too big a deal as I opened it straight away. The first beauty treat I received was a 30ml tube of the iconic Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, complete with muslin cloth. I absolutely adore Liz Earle products and this has been a recurring staple in my skin care regime. As I had just run out of my current cleanser (Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, which I think made me break out) it was the best product to discover on this first of December. I used it straight away & fell back in love with an old favourite. The gorgeous rosemary & eucalyptus fragrance was most welcome & my skin felt very clean & pampered after I used this. A 30ml tube of this stuff with muslin cloth retails at £5.50 direct from LizEarle.co.uk so it was a real treat to receive this lovely product. It was a fab start to what I hope to be a wonderful calender full of gorgeous surprises. 

Have you been lucky enough to receive a beauty calender this year? Let me know which one you got!

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