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Autumn/Winter Lush Haul

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Top Tips For Winter Lips

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With Hallowe'en and Bonfire night out of the way we can safely say that Christmas is most effeminately on the way. If you hadn't already noticed the festive songs being played on loop or that cute penguin in the John Lewis advert yet (I mean, aww!) then I'm sure you couldn't have missed that bitterly cold nip in the air that November brings. Winter is here. Okay so it's not all as dramatic as Game Of Thrones makes it sound, but there are definitely going to be some changes to my beauty routine now that the cold season has reared it's beautiful yet freezing cold head. 

One thing I always notice when the weather gets colder is just how much it affects my skin and in particular my lips. As soon as the nights get longer I find myself reaching for the nearest lip balm to soothe my dry, sore chapped lips that are always so cruelly affected around this time of year. If this sound like you too then do not fear as I have found the secrets to kissable lips & I'm here to share my wisdom!

First things first, exfoliate.

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I know that when it comes to exfoliating most people think of scrubbing their face or body but keeping your lips well-scrubbed during this time is very important to get rid of any dry, flakey excess skin. My fave product to use for this is Lush's Lip Scrub in Mint Julips. This fab little creation is perfect at buffing away dead skin & revealing smoother lips. It contains sugar to exfoliate & jojoba oil to really pamper & soften. I also love the smell of this one, who doesn't want to smother their mouth in mint chocolate chip loveliness? It's also available in Bubblegum & Popcorn flavours, and a very special Santa's Lip Scrub which smells like Cherry Coke & is fantastic for this time of year. These little pots retail at £5.50 each, but I believe it to be a great investment as one pot lasts me around a year! You can find them in store or online here.

Although I am terrible at sticking to this next tip, it's fair to say it is a very important one, and that is to never pick or bite the skin off of your lips! I know just how tempting it can be (I used to suffer an obsessive compulsive disorder of needing to rip all of the skin off my lips until they hurt and bled and I looked terrible.) There are actually a lot of people who do this thinking it will make their lips smoother but trust me pulling off that bit of skin will only cause your lips to become drier & even more sore & difficult to heal. So just try to resist and use more gentle methods of buffing with the above suggestions.
If lip scrubs sound a little too out there for your taste, then I suggest using a toothbrush to gently buff your lips. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, just a cheap one from the economy section of your local supermarket. Use gentle circular motions and this will help to keep roughness away.

Are you getting enough H2O?

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It may sound obvious but not drinking enough isn't going to help keep you hydrated and in turn your skin and lips are going to suffer. Keeping your fluid intake topped is especially important when it's colder when most of us forget to drink enough & can easily become dehydrated. If glugging glasses of cold water doesn't appeal to you during the winter months then try getting your liquids through herbal teas. Warmed cordials & juices are fab for this time of year, I love warmed non-alcoholic ginger wine with added cinnamon for a festive treat. You can also get a lot of your daily fluids from fruit and vegetables, so stock up on the great range of winter vegetables available & make yourself a warming stew. If you'd like to see some winter recipe videos/posts let me know in the comments.

Time to moisturise

So I'm sure when in times of need most of you just grab your nearest lip balm & slather it on, which is something I used to do. However after researching a lot of the ingredients in my lip balms & butters I found there to be a lot of drying ingredients in them and after looking in to it I discovered a lot of companies add these ingredients to make you feel the need to use more of the product to relieve them, shocker! So in my quest to find something which actually works I have discovered two Holy Grail Products. Firstly, Vaseline. Okay I know Vaseline doesn't actually moisturise the lips, it just locks moisture in, but at the very cheap price you can buy this stuff for you're bound to have a few tins knocking around and they're fab at keeping your lips feeling great. As for lip balms which actually hydrate & moisturise your pout, I have found nothing works better than Blistex Intensive Moisturiser for lips. This little tube of tingling cream works wonders & my lips have never felt softer than when I've used this stuff. I have suffered from very severe chapping in the past and thought I'd never find anything to help heal my lips, until I discovered this & it really is fantastic! 

So there are my top tips for winter lips! I really hope this post helps any of you trying to perfect your pout in this bitter weather. Let me know what your tips in the comments & here's to lovely lips this Christmas! Now where's that mistletoe?

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Monday, 3 November 2014

The LUSH Post #9 Festive Edition - Butterbear

I bought both myself and my mother one of these ballistics and was slightly annoyed by the fact she got the "better-looking" one with his perfect nose & I ended up with the more rough-looking one. But how can you not fall in love with this little guy?

If you're anything like me, then you've probably noticed that Lush have now got their Christmas products all stocked up. Every time I see the festive section pop up online or as I walk past (who am I kidding, I can never walk past a Lush store!) I am full of the same kind of excitement a small child gets while awaiting Santa Claus' visit on Christmas eve. I absolutely love it! 

Obviously as soon as I knew the all these new Christmassy products were back on the shelves I had to have a little nosey & obviously spent far too much money in there! (I'm allowed, because it's so I can give you guys the lowdown on each product, I promise!) Which I also filmed a haul for over on my channel, which I have yet to upload, called part 1. (Yes I have got my eye on every single item in the range which I will be purchasing soon! All in the name of research of course, wink wink. I know, I'm not fooling anyone!) I was also really pleased to see some of my all-time Lush Christmas faves were back, along with some new editions which I couldn't wait to try! As it is now November and we can safely say Christmas is on it's way, here is my first review for the festive season.

Oh Butterbear, look at how darn cute you are. One thing I have noticed is that this year there are a number of very adorable bath products available and Butterbear is no exception. Shaped like a little white polar bear, Butterbear is essentially the same as butterball; a creamy white bath ballistic filled with luxurious cocoa butter & a gorgeous sweet vanilla scent. In my personal opinion, Butterball is one of my top bath bombs from Lush. Now I know it's no show-stopper when it comes to the aesthetics, but I've always found a Butterball is all I need to make my skin super soft and feeling nourished. So when I found they were now selling a Christmassy bear-shaped edition of one of my faves, I just had to stock up!

If you're after something simple for a festive bath time treat, then look no further than my new best buddy, Butterbear. The cocoa butters really smooth & pamper the skin, whilst the scent is not too over-powering or sickly sweet. He also comes in a fairly good size, unlike Butterball, which is one of the smaller bath bombs on offer in Lush. And at just £1.95 a bear, how can you say no to this little guy?

Have you tried Butterbear yet? What are your favourite Lush Christmas products?

You can find Butterbear in store or buy here.

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