Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The LUSH Post #6 Honey Bee Bath Ballistic

Being a big fan of honey and all things sweet, it's fair to say Honey Bee bath ballistic was right up my street (was that a rhyme?) Anyway, when I first bought this bath bomb I almost didn't want to use it due to the delicious honey scent that filled my bedroom (I kept it in my drawer and got a lovely whiff of it every time I opened it) but eventually I couldn't wait any longer & decided to run myself the perfect honey themed bath (I paired it with Honey I Washed The Kids soap, which made such a good duo!) 

Honey Bee is a good-sized bath bomb (think along the lines of Dragons Egg) and at £3.25 I think I got a lot for my money. Now I know I've already gone on about the smell, but it really is gorgeous! Fab for anyone who loves sweet & soothing smells!

This super cute yellow and brown striped ballistic fizzed away in my bath for a fair while, creating a lovely yellow foam. The main ingredients rhassoul mud, aloe vera & (quite obviously) honey left my skin feeling silky smooth & smelling beautiful for the rest of the day!  There really isn't much else to say about this bumbling bomb. It's simple and oh so sweet. I'm sure you'll all be buzzing to try this one! (Okay, I'll stop now!)

Honey Bee bath ballistic is available online and in store. Have you tried Honey Bee yet? I just love how soothing it is on my sensitive skin.

Kelly x

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