Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The LUSH Post #3 Rose Jam Bubbleroon

If you're tired of the same old bath bombs and are looking to try something a bit different then look no further than the bubble bar! Perfect for those of you who prefer a bath filled with gorgeous smelling bubbles rather than a ballistic which, although beautiful, just fizzes away in the bath. 

I recently came across Rose Jam bubble bar when having my regular nosey in my local LUSH store. When I first smelt it I coudn't believe I'd never tried it before, it was gorge! It smelt exactly like Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (which I also adore & can't get enough of!) so if you like that then combine with lovely bubble bar for a perfect bath! It may not look like much (if you ask me it kinda resembles a bright pink bottom!) However I was very pleased with how baby soft it left my skin feeling and the beautiful sugary scent lingered for hours after my bath.

At £3.25 Rose Jam isn't the priciest of bubble bars (the most costly being The Comforter, retailing at £4.50) and as you can split it in to 2 baths, this product is great value for money! If you're new to the whole bubble bar experience then do not fear, as these are ever so simple to use! Whilst running your bath just  the crumble your Rose Jam bubbleroon under the running water and watch as your tub fills with heaps of sweet-smelling pink bubbles. Heaven!

Have you tried Rose Jam? What's your fave bubble bar?
Kelly x

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