Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The LUSH Post #2 Whoosh Shower Jelly

One of the main things that always has me returning to Lush is knowing that I will discover something weird & wonderful with every visit.

They are at the pinacle of creative & innovative ways of bathing and Whoosh Jelly is no exception of that fact. Just the meer thought of rubbing a bright wobbling dessert on to ones body seems absurd but to clean yourself with it? Lush really has gone bonkers. However, as always, curiosity most definitely got the better of me and I was soon popping the little tub of Whoosh shower jelly in to the sales assistants hands eager to get home and try it!

So how do you wash with a jelly? This was both an exciting & ever so slightly frightening task I had ahead of me! The instructions said you can chill or freeze the jelly (whoah this stuff is getting crazier by the second!) or just use it straight from the tub (which is what I did, I didn't want to start with anything too adventurous!) As instructed on the tub I rubbed their wobbly bits over my wobbly bits (Oh Lush you do make me laugh) and was surprised at just how easy this strange stuff was to use! I'll admit it took me a couple of goes before I was successful in the not-dropping-any-on-the-floor...ness. 

However once I got to grips with it, I found it to be really fun product to use! It lathered like a dream, which surprised me the most (how the hell do you get soapy bubbles out of jelly?!) and don't even get me started on the smell! It had the most refreshing gorgeous lemon, lime & rosemary scent I've ever had the pleasure of smelling! It did exactly what it said on the tin (or tub!) and really woke me up! Fab if, like me, you too find it hard to face early morning starts!

Have you tried Whoosh Shower Jelly yet? How much crazier are Lush products going to get?

Kelly x

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