Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask & COSDNA

Another Lush review I hear you ask? Well, I did warn you they were coming! 
I'd been having a lot of problems with my skin recently & really needed something to sort it out. Now I'm no stranger to the odd breakout or time-of-the-month spot, but in the space of about a week my skin was looking like a serious disaster zone. I've come to the conclusion this was probably caused by a combination of using too many new products, stress & changing my diet. So with this in mind & after watching a fab skincare video from the lovely sunbeamsjess (which you can watch here) I decided to look in to what actually goes on my face every time I cleanse, moisturise or cover it up with make up! She spoke about a website called, which when you enter the name of a product you use comes up with a list of ingredients & tells you how bad or good they are for your skin. They do this by rating each ingredient on how comedogenic (likely it is to cause acne or be an irritant) it is. They also include a safety scale for each ingredient (green means go, red means no!) so you can see just how safe the things you put on your face are in the long term. I thought this was a genius idea, especially for those of us who worry about what we're putting on our skin or if you've had a breakout & you want to find out if it could be something you're using! 

So with this in mind (and my war zone of a face not looking particularly fab at the mo) I decided to get myself a face mask to help sort out my problem skin. As you all should know by now, I am an avid Lush fan. However I'd only tried a few of their face masks before & thought this would be a great time to try a new one! I wanted something that would really deep clean my skin, yet be gentle & soothing. Of course this was when my handy new best friend COSDNA came in! After looking up a few of Lush's Fresh Face Masks (and being quite shocked at just how harmful a couple of them are!) I'd narrowed it down to two. Those were Cosmetic Warrior & Love Lettuce. Now if you know anything about Lush face masks, then you'll know that Cosmetic Warrior (despite being great at targeting spots) consists mainly of garlic! With this in mind & after reading the description of Love Lettuce, I decided to opt for the latter. (I also didn't fancy the risk of stinking of garlic! If you've ever used Cosmetic Warrior please let me know if the smell really is that bad!)

Love Lettuce Fresh Face mask promised to soothe & brighten my complexion, whilst softening & removing dirt & excess oil from my skin. Doesn't sound too shabby if you ask me and it certainly delivered! Firstly, this mask smells divine! It contains lavender which not only helps to balance the skins sebum production but helps to calm your mind (perfect just before bedtime!) I left mine on til it went hard (10-15 minutes is usually enough) and then using warm water I gently washed it away. Now this isn't like most other face masks. It contains almond shells which very gently exfoliate the skin as you wash it off. (so don't forget to use slow circular motions to give it a good scrub!) This was gentle enough not to make my face feel sore or scratchy, yet abrasive enough to really brighten up my complexion & make my skin feel nice & clean.
This mask also includes Fullers Earth which absorbs dirt & oils and seaweed gel, honey & almond oils to make sure your skins lovely & moisturised! 

Now I don't normally write such long-winded reviews for products but I just can't stop raving about this one! I wasn't expecting miracles, but it's really made a difference to my skin, helping to calm down my irritated spots and, for once, not irritate it further like most other products (my skin can be very fussy sometimes!) 

I would really recommend this face mask to anyone whose having a bit of a battle with their skin or just wants something to give them a deep-down clean & super smooth face! I also urge anyone whose interested in what they put on their face to check out You may be surprised by what you find & finally get to the bottom of that mysterious breakout!

LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask is available here and in-store & retails at £5.95. (Remember to keep it in the fridge!)

Kelly x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A walk in the park OOTD

Hello my lovelies! So I went out in the surprisingly lovely weather to the park with my good friend Gareth the other day. As Gareth is an artist & photographer we decided to take a few photos and do a little outfit of the day for you guys. Unfortunately some of the photos got lost somewhere along the line & were only left with a few. However I thought I'd still share them with you as this is one of my fave winter outfits at the mo & wanted to see what you all thought of Gareth's lovely photography skills! If you're interested in seeing some of his work check it out here or wait for the upcoming video! Hope you're all having a fab week!

Kelly x

Skinny jeans -
Shirt -
Lilac jumper -
Bag - New Look
Cross necklace -
Jacket - H&M
Fur boots - Dorothy Perkins

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lush Celebrate Body Lotion

If you know me, then you'll know how much I love Lush. It takes a hell of a lot self-control to force myself to walk past their beautiful-smelling stores without popping in for a browse & coming out with a bagful of goodies! But as I had spent an awful lot of money on Christmas I put myself on a bit of a spending ban. (it's not going well!) However, I was lucky enough to receive some Lush treats from my sister for Christmas (you'll be seeing lots more Lush reviews soon!) & one of them was their Christmas Limited Edition body lotion; Celebrate. As I'd dropped enough hints I was more than happy to receive this in my stocking!

Celebrate is a gorgeous rich body lotion which smells fruity & festive, very uplifting if the rainy, gloomy weather is getting you down. It contains orange & almond oils to help soften the skin and cognac oil which makes it smell so heavenly. It may have been & gone but nothing beats that wonderful Christmassy scent! With it's thick & luxurious consistency I'd say it was more of a body butter. I personally like to think of it as my "extra special body lotion" as it's just too wonderful to think of as an "every day body moisturiser"!

I'm usually quite apprehensive when trying new body lotions & potions as I normally find them too sticky or greasy or just don't absorb fast enough for me. This is the first Lush body lotion I have tried & I have to say I am very pleased with it. I apply this all over after a bath or shower. A little goes a long way so I can see this lasting me quite a while. (which is great as I won't be able to get my hands on anymore til next Christmas! *cries*) This lovely cream makes my skin super duper soft & smelling sweet. It's a bit pricey at £12.95 a tub, but makes a great present or a special treat for yourself next Christmas! (if you can just about wait that long!)

What are your fave body lotions? Were you lucky enough to receive a tub of this under your tree? Let me know!

Kelly x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy

If there ever was a fictional character I'd turn to in my hour of need, the times where I've really needed a friend due to break up's and other relationship problems, then it would be the wonderful Bridget Jones. So it's an understatement to say that I was a little excited when I knew book number 3 was out in October & bought it straight away. 

Now I know what you're thinking, "that was three months ago Kelly, why are you telling us about it now?" Well, when I hit Waterstones to get my copy of Mad About The Boy, I also picked up the first 2 books so I could completely immerse myself in the world of Bridget & remind myself of her previous antics with the likes of the lovely Mr Darcy & troublemaker Daniel Cleaver! Also if you've read my previous Resolutions post then you'd know one of my resolutions was to read more, so thought it only right that I share my views on each book I read with you guys. (your comments may also help me stick to it!) As I read this in December (eventually!) I thought what better place to start!

So what did Miss Jones have in store for us this time? If you've never read Bridget Jones or seen the films (which I recommend you do both!) then I'll give you the general outline of the story so far. Firstly the books are written in the form of a diary (hence the name!) We get to hear Bridgets innermost thoughts as well as the way she reacts to each situation she finds herself, which is not only hilarious to read but what I also find so relateable in the books. I mean who hasn't acted polite to the face of the snooty woman looking her nose down on you without thinking "what a cow!"?

So the story so far is as follows. (pssst! If you've never read the first 2 books then you may want to stick this review in your faves, go read them & come back, as this is definitely SPOILER ALERT time!) 

Bridget, a 30 something singleton, is constantly being reminded by her parents & "smug married" friends that she still hasn't got a boyfriend and that she better get a move on if she ever wants to get married & have babies. She meets Mark Darcy, a gorgeous lawyer who her mother tries to set her up with. This doesn't go too well and so Bridget stupidly sets her sights on her boss Daniel Cleaver, an egotistical, sex-obsessed man who ultimately is revealed to be a bit of a cheat & general love-rat.

After finding out a few truths about Daniel & realising that it's Mr Darcy she really wants to be with, Bridget ends up, yet again making a fool or herself at a party when she thinks some other woman has got her claws in to him. However, all is not lost as Mark sweeps her off her feet in true knight in shining armour style & they walk off in to the sunset together.

Book 2 carries on from they left off and things get a little messy at this point when mutual friend Rebecca also takes to Mark Darcy & ends up splitting the pair up. Daniel Cleaver turns up on the scene again, but Bridget's not fooling for his charms a second time & tells him to hit the road. Once again & after many complications & misunderstandings the couple end up back in each others arms for their happy ever after ending. Awww!

However book number 3, Mad About The Boy isn't quite, let's say, what you'd be expecting. I mean I was hoping to find Bridget, now 51, happily married to Mr Darcy with a couple of kids in a cosy little home of their own. Not much to ask right? Well, yes she and Mark did get married, had 2 beautiful children & were very happy. That was until Mark got killed. Yes, I know. I didn't want to believe it either. Now some of you may be saying "Kelly! What the hell are you doing telling us this?" But as this part of the story was publicly announced by the author Helen Fielding on the radio, magazines & in various interviews I thought it might be just about okay to spill those beans. (Please don't hate me!) 

Continuing on, it's not all doom & gloom & Bridget is back on top form. Going from disastrous yet hilarious dates as she tries to get back in to the world of romance to trying to keep her unruly children Billy & Mabel under control, you are guaranteed to laugh out loud while reading this, even if your heartstrings get a little tugged along the way. I'm not promising you won't shed a tear, especially if, like me, you hold Bridget close to your heart, but this is a very worthy read. 
Whether you need to a book a chill out with or are a fan of the other books, you just can't go wrong with a bit of chick-lit & this is the creme dela creme of funny, feminine fiction.

So what didn't I like? Well obviously the fact that Mark gets killed was a bit of a bummer for me, but I guess Fielding wanted to make this one a little grittier, something people may be able to relate to, as life isn't always a bowl of cherries. There are bad times as well as good. I also felt the ending was a little bit rushed. I think one the characters (don't worry I won't spoil it for you!) could have had more mentions in start & middle of the book. I couldn't make out if this person was just bystander or if there was a good reason they were in the story until around the last third of the book. I'm not sure if that was deliberate to make the reader come to their own conclusions & think about it more (it certainly kept me guessing!) 

One of the things I loved about this book is it brought back a few other familiar faces in the form of Bridgets besties Tom & Jude, who are, without a doubt (and apart from Bridget!) the funniest in the story (especially Tom!) However I was disappointed, as I'm sure most B.J fans were, when Shazzer didn't make what would have been a very  welcome return in Mad About The Boy. I found she brought a fabulous feminist "don't-take-any-shit-from-men" side to the previous books which any girl going through boyfriend problems was sure to relate to & adore. Despite this I did find some solace in new friend of Bridget's Talitha, who is essentially a 60-year old version of Shazzer. 

If you want to laugh, if you're up for a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, if you want to see a middle-aged woman try to figure out how a television remote works (that reminded me of my mum too much!) and trying to fathom out just how to get any followers of Twitter then give this book a try!

Have you read this one yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments! I'm also looking for lots of new books to read, so feel free to give me your recommendations below. Thanks for reading lovelies & please let me know if you'd like to hear more book reviews from yours truly!

Kelly x

Monday, 13 January 2014

OOTD: Chilling in January

Well looks like this is my second post of the year. (Resolutions going well so far aha!) So as I haven't done many fashion-y posts in a while I thought it was about time for a little outfit of the day for you guys. As you all know, the weather is freezing at the mo' (good ol' England aye?) However, despite the dreary weather I forced myself in to the outside world for the day with my better half. I decided to ditch my signature bright lipstick & go for a more natural look. (Am I pulling it off?!) As you can see from the photos I have also ombred my hair. I did it myself so if any of you would like to see a post or maybe even a video tutorial then let me know in the comments. Hope you all have a fab day!

Kelly x

What I'm wearing:
Top - Primark
Bat Wing Cardigan -
Knitted Headband - New Look
Tartan Scarf -
Floral Print Skinny Jeans - River Island
Shoes - New Look
Bag - New Look
Necklace -
Cross Earrings Sainsburys

Booooobs! And my new necklace. I love it! What do you think?

Such an awful poser!

Can't help smiling when my boyfriends got the camera!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Resolutions anyone?

It's that time of year again. The decorations have been packed away, it's back to the daily grind at work & we've all put on a little extra weight from too many mine pies & turkey sandwiches. The festive season is well and truly over. However it's not all doom & gloom, and I always find this time of year a great opportunity to get my life in order with some, ahem, realistic resolutions. (I hate the term "New Years" resolutions as I always tend to abandon them by February!) So I thought it only right to share these with you, my wonderful readers, to see if we can stick to our goals together!

1. My first resolution is to blog more! I've found that I have been so busy recently with one thing or another that I have neglected you lovely people! So my first baby step to writing more is to aim for at least 1 new post each week. I would also love to know what you guys would like to see on my blog so let me know in the comments!

2. Resolution number 2 is to finally get my hands on a new camera and start making more videos on my YouTube channel. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now & I'd love to get some face time with you lovelies and be able to talk to you in a more interactive personal way! I think I will aim to have a video up by March. (I'm being overly realistic here, okay? I'm hoping before!)

3. Okay okay, it's cliche time, but I do really want to start eating more healthily and exercising! I know that most people start dieting in the new year & I, in no way, shape or form want to go on a diet or lose any weight! I would just like eat better & treat my body well. As someone whose never had to worry about getting fat I tend to forget that I can't just eat rubbish all the time because I don't put on weight (something that actually annoys me if you've read my past blog posts!) I aim to cut right back on chocolate (it really doesn't help that I still have 3 big boxes of choccies to get through from Christmas!) and start making more fresh fruit smoothies and veg soups. I also aim to do half an hour of exercise 3 times a week. (I hope I'm still being realistic here!)

4. Number 4 is to spend more quality time with my boyfriend, friends & family. Everyone's always so busy all the time, but I think it's important to do something special from time to time with loved ones. My goal is to spend quality time with people twice a week. (or more!)

5. Another thing I'd like to do this year is read more books. I used to be a complete bookworm & I think reading is not only a good alternative to t.v but fab for keeping your mind & brain in good working order. There's nothing better than getting lost in a world completely your own. Whether it be an autobiography, a bit of chick-lit or a good old cookery book I aim to read at least 1 book a month. 

6. Lastly, and this is one I'm going to have to work really hard on, is to worry less! I think this is so important to good health & being happy. I am the biggest worry bot ever. When I'm not worrying or forget what I was worrying about I begin to worry! It's madness! There is no point in worrying, things will go the way they will, so all you can do is try your best and chill out at the end of the day. I aim to stop myself when I notice I'm worrying & chuck a big fat smile on my face (even when I really don't feel like it!)

So there we have it. My realistic resolutions. (Now let's see if I can stick to them!) Let me know what your goals are or if you're boycotting the whole resolutions thing this year! Good luck!

Kelly x