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You Beauty Discovery Advent Calender Day #1 Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

If you were lucky enough to receive a beauty advent calender this year then I'm sure you can understand my excitement (and impatience) to open door number 1 at 12:15am this morning! I had never really heard much about the world of beauty calenders before starting my blog last year & after seeing countless youtubers receive amazing beauty products each day leading up to Christmas day, I just knew I wanted in. After browsing the selection of calenders available, my first choice was Benefit's Candy-Coated Count Down. But as I'm sure most of you already know, Benefit are an extremely popular brand, especially when it comes to their long-awaited festive calender. So I wasn't surprised when I went to order mine they were all unfortunately sold out. So I decided to go for the You Beauty Discovery Calender. You Beauty is another very popular choice & is always getting rave reviews in the blogosphere so it seemed the best choice. Unlike the Benefit calender, YBD is full of wonderful products from lots of different brands. This really appealed to me, because there's nothing better than being able to try a wide range of beauty goodies (and hopefully find some new faves along the way)

The YBD Calender retailed at £49.95 (plus £4.95 p+p if you're not a member) So this isn't exactly the cheapest one on the market. However my very lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me with this lovely early crimbo pressie & I couldn't be happier! As I didn't have to shell out for my own, I decided to treat my mum to her own Beauty Calender this year, and opted for No7, which retails at £35 (containing £135 worth of products, what a bargain!) I know just how stressful a time Christmas can be for my mum, who always tries to make everything perfect for me & my sister, so I really wanted to give her a special treat, something to look forward to each day of December. She was overjoyed when I presented her with No7 Calender & this made me feel very warm & fuzzy. (Okay I'll stop with the cheesiness now, back to the box!)

When I first opened my YBD calender I was a little disappointed to see that one of the doors had almost come off completely. However it was door number 1 so it wasn't too big a deal as I opened it straight away. The first beauty treat I received was a 30ml tube of the iconic Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, complete with muslin cloth. I absolutely adore Liz Earle products and this has been a recurring staple in my skin care regime. As I had just run out of my current cleanser (Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, which I think made me break out) it was the best product to discover on this first of December. I used it straight away & fell back in love with an old favourite. The gorgeous rosemary & eucalyptus fragrance was most welcome & my skin felt very clean & pampered after I used this. A 30ml tube of this stuff with muslin cloth retails at £5.50 direct from LizEarle.co.uk so it was a real treat to receive this lovely product. It was a fab start to what I hope to be a wonderful calender full of gorgeous surprises. 

Have you been lucky enough to receive a beauty calender this year? Let me know which one you got!

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Autumn/Winter Lush Haul

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Top Tips For Winter Lips

Image take from www.artflakes.com
With Hallowe'en and Bonfire night out of the way we can safely say that Christmas is most effeminately on the way. If you hadn't already noticed the festive songs being played on loop or that cute penguin in the John Lewis advert yet (I mean, aww!) then I'm sure you couldn't have missed that bitterly cold nip in the air that November brings. Winter is here. Okay so it's not all as dramatic as Game Of Thrones makes it sound, but there are definitely going to be some changes to my beauty routine now that the cold season has reared it's beautiful yet freezing cold head. 

One thing I always notice when the weather gets colder is just how much it affects my skin and in particular my lips. As soon as the nights get longer I find myself reaching for the nearest lip balm to soothe my dry, sore chapped lips that are always so cruelly affected around this time of year. If this sound like you too then do not fear as I have found the secrets to kissable lips & I'm here to share my wisdom!

First things first, exfoliate.

Image taken from www.wikihow.com
I know that when it comes to exfoliating most people think of scrubbing their face or body but keeping your lips well-scrubbed during this time is very important to get rid of any dry, flakey excess skin. My fave product to use for this is Lush's Lip Scrub in Mint Julips. This fab little creation is perfect at buffing away dead skin & revealing smoother lips. It contains sugar to exfoliate & jojoba oil to really pamper & soften. I also love the smell of this one, who doesn't want to smother their mouth in mint chocolate chip loveliness? It's also available in Bubblegum & Popcorn flavours, and a very special Santa's Lip Scrub which smells like Cherry Coke & is fantastic for this time of year. These little pots retail at £5.50 each, but I believe it to be a great investment as one pot lasts me around a year! You can find them in store or online here.

Although I am terrible at sticking to this next tip, it's fair to say it is a very important one, and that is to never pick or bite the skin off of your lips! I know just how tempting it can be (I used to suffer an obsessive compulsive disorder of needing to rip all of the skin off my lips until they hurt and bled and I looked terrible.) There are actually a lot of people who do this thinking it will make their lips smoother but trust me pulling off that bit of skin will only cause your lips to become drier & even more sore & difficult to heal. So just try to resist and use more gentle methods of buffing with the above suggestions.
If lip scrubs sound a little too out there for your taste, then I suggest using a toothbrush to gently buff your lips. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, just a cheap one from the economy section of your local supermarket. Use gentle circular motions and this will help to keep roughness away.

Are you getting enough H2O?

Image taken from www.cleanwateraction.org

It may sound obvious but not drinking enough isn't going to help keep you hydrated and in turn your skin and lips are going to suffer. Keeping your fluid intake topped is especially important when it's colder when most of us forget to drink enough & can easily become dehydrated. If glugging glasses of cold water doesn't appeal to you during the winter months then try getting your liquids through herbal teas. Warmed cordials & juices are fab for this time of year, I love warmed non-alcoholic ginger wine with added cinnamon for a festive treat. You can also get a lot of your daily fluids from fruit and vegetables, so stock up on the great range of winter vegetables available & make yourself a warming stew. If you'd like to see some winter recipe videos/posts let me know in the comments.

Time to moisturise

So I'm sure when in times of need most of you just grab your nearest lip balm & slather it on, which is something I used to do. However after researching a lot of the ingredients in my lip balms & butters I found there to be a lot of drying ingredients in them and after looking in to it I discovered a lot of companies add these ingredients to make you feel the need to use more of the product to relieve them, shocker! So in my quest to find something which actually works I have discovered two Holy Grail Products. Firstly, Vaseline. Okay I know Vaseline doesn't actually moisturise the lips, it just locks moisture in, but at the very cheap price you can buy this stuff for you're bound to have a few tins knocking around and they're fab at keeping your lips feeling great. As for lip balms which actually hydrate & moisturise your pout, I have found nothing works better than Blistex Intensive Moisturiser for lips. This little tube of tingling cream works wonders & my lips have never felt softer than when I've used this stuff. I have suffered from very severe chapping in the past and thought I'd never find anything to help heal my lips, until I discovered this & it really is fantastic! 

So there are my top tips for winter lips! I really hope this post helps any of you trying to perfect your pout in this bitter weather. Let me know what your tips in the comments & here's to lovely lips this Christmas! Now where's that mistletoe?

Kelly x

Monday, 3 November 2014

The LUSH Post #9 Festive Edition - Butterbear

I bought both myself and my mother one of these ballistics and was slightly annoyed by the fact she got the "better-looking" one with his perfect nose & I ended up with the more rough-looking one. But how can you not fall in love with this little guy?

If you're anything like me, then you've probably noticed that Lush have now got their Christmas products all stocked up. Every time I see the festive section pop up online or as I walk past (who am I kidding, I can never walk past a Lush store!) I am full of the same kind of excitement a small child gets while awaiting Santa Claus' visit on Christmas eve. I absolutely love it! 

Obviously as soon as I knew the all these new Christmassy products were back on the shelves I had to have a little nosey & obviously spent far too much money in there! (I'm allowed, because it's so I can give you guys the lowdown on each product, I promise!) Which I also filmed a haul for over on my channel, which I have yet to upload, called part 1. (Yes I have got my eye on every single item in the range which I will be purchasing soon! All in the name of research of course, wink wink. I know, I'm not fooling anyone!) I was also really pleased to see some of my all-time Lush Christmas faves were back, along with some new editions which I couldn't wait to try! As it is now November and we can safely say Christmas is on it's way, here is my first review for the festive season.

Oh Butterbear, look at how darn cute you are. One thing I have noticed is that this year there are a number of very adorable bath products available and Butterbear is no exception. Shaped like a little white polar bear, Butterbear is essentially the same as butterball; a creamy white bath ballistic filled with luxurious cocoa butter & a gorgeous sweet vanilla scent. In my personal opinion, Butterball is one of my top bath bombs from Lush. Now I know it's no show-stopper when it comes to the aesthetics, but I've always found a Butterball is all I need to make my skin super soft and feeling nourished. So when I found they were now selling a Christmassy bear-shaped edition of one of my faves, I just had to stock up!

If you're after something simple for a festive bath time treat, then look no further than my new best buddy, Butterbear. The cocoa butters really smooth & pamper the skin, whilst the scent is not too over-powering or sickly sweet. He also comes in a fairly good size, unlike Butterball, which is one of the smaller bath bombs on offer in Lush. And at just £1.95 a bear, how can you say no to this little guy?

Have you tried Butterbear yet? What are your favourite Lush Christmas products?

You can find Butterbear in store or buy here.

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The LUSH Post #7 The Comforter Bubble Bar

There are some things in life you can go without trying. The Comforter isn't one of them. This big hunk of beautiful bubbly goodness is one of my absolute fave bathtime treats. With it's gorgeously sweet, berry scent & heaps of pink, glittering bubbles this bubble bar is one not to be missed. I can't believe I only quite recently discovered this bad boy! No wonder it's a firm favourite with Lushies everywhere! 

After seeing this in store at almost every visit to Lush I decided to finally buy it. I had always been a little put off by the £4.50 price tag. However, as I had been lucky enough to receive Lush vouchers for my birthday (thanks again to the boyf) I thought it was as good a time than any to give this swirly bar a go.

Now I'm sure that most of you, just like me, probably couldn't afford a Comforter addiction (unless you're really lucky and have endless amounts of money to spend in there!) However, I think this lovely bar is fab as a once in a blue moon treat (or maybe just a little more often that!) and also makes a lovely gift! (smaller sizes & full size are available in various gift sets). I managed to squeeze 3 baths out of mine too, so a little goes a long way!

Whenever I have the opportunity to have a Comforter in my bath, it really is a joyous experience. I really do value the odd hour I get to relax in the bath & pamper myself and this is definately a big part of that. It does exactly what it says on the tin and makes you feel at ease, like your under a big fluffy blanket of gorgeous, calming bubbles. The fab berry scent is perfect & lets you drift away to a world of imagination. No wonder they named their Iconic spa treatment after it!

Kelly x

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Summer Style OOTD - A Walk in the Park

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Michael Kors Mini Blair Rose Gold Watch

It's safe to say that I've never really been, what you'd call, a "watch person". If I ever needed to check the time I've always relied on my mobile phone (which is always out of battery and probably why I'm never on time for things!) With this in mind, my boyfriend very kindly offered to buy me any watch that took my fancy for my birthday (along with some other lovely things which I shall do a haul on soon!) So that was it! I began to scroll through page after page of various watch retailers on the interwebs in search of "The One". 

I've always loved Rose Gold, so knew that's what I wanted when it came to my new time-piece. I had heard a lot of great reviews of Michael Kors watches, so decided to do some research. I fell in love with almost every single watch in the MK range, but finally whittled it down to the last 2 contenders. One was very chunky and, although gorgeous, I decided to opt for the smaller of the two, as I didn't want anything too big for my delicate wrists. 

I definitely made the right choice there! The Blair Mini is absolutely stunning, I literally can't stop looking at it! It's not too heavy yet looks & feels very swish. I feel so good when wearing it and feel it completes any outfit, giving it that extra bit of sparkle. It really is amazing quality & I have received so many compliments on it. It's even waterproof, which is fab for people like myself, who often get caught in the rain or are little forgetful upon jumping in the shower. The rose gold tones and glittering crystals around the face are undeniably beautiful, even more so when it catches the light. I'm now a converted watch person and really couldn't thank my boyfriend enough for this fab watch. I never have an excuse to be late again!

What's your fave watch? Do you love MK as much as I do? I think his whole range of watches are fab! Kelly x

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The LUSH Post #6 Honey Bee Bath Ballistic

Being a big fan of honey and all things sweet, it's fair to say Honey Bee bath ballistic was right up my street (was that a rhyme?) Anyway, when I first bought this bath bomb I almost didn't want to use it due to the delicious honey scent that filled my bedroom (I kept it in my drawer and got a lovely whiff of it every time I opened it) but eventually I couldn't wait any longer & decided to run myself the perfect honey themed bath (I paired it with Honey I Washed The Kids soap, which made such a good duo!) 

Honey Bee is a good-sized bath bomb (think along the lines of Dragons Egg) and at £3.25 I think I got a lot for my money. Now I know I've already gone on about the smell, but it really is gorgeous! Fab for anyone who loves sweet & soothing smells!

This super cute yellow and brown striped ballistic fizzed away in my bath for a fair while, creating a lovely yellow foam. The main ingredients rhassoul mud, aloe vera & (quite obviously) honey left my skin feeling silky smooth & smelling beautiful for the rest of the day!  There really isn't much else to say about this bumbling bomb. It's simple and oh so sweet. I'm sure you'll all be buzzing to try this one! (Okay, I'll stop now!)

Honey Bee bath ballistic is available online and in store. Have you tried Honey Bee yet? I just love how soothing it is on my sensitive skin.

Kelly x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The LUSH Post #5 Sunnyside

I've never really thought of a bath as a Summer thing. I'm more of a shower and go kinda girl when the weather gets hotter. However this all changed for me when I came across Sunnyside Bubble Bar on a recent visit to LUSH. I was immediately drawn in by it's golden, glittering appearance and had to stop myself from rushing over shouting "my precious!" I was surprised it had taken my fancy as I don't normally go for uber sparkly products when it comes to my bath, but I just had to have it.

I couldn't wait too long before trying this out, as I kept hearing it calling to me from my LUSH bag of goodies and so I crumbled this in to my bath the following day. Now normally when it comes to a bubble bar of this size I would only use half so I can get 2 baths out of it. However as I was wanting to pamper myself I decided to use the whole bar for 1 bath as a little treat. With uplifting wild orange oil & refreshing lemon oil, this fair sized bar is perfect for perking you up on a dreary day. The aroma that filled my bathroom reminded me of a warm, beautiful sunny day, so LUSH hit the nail on the head when it came to the smell of this bubbly bar.

As for the bar itself, lets just say I've never had such a lovely, relaxing bath! The reassuring beachy scent made me feel very comfortable and the bubbles were many & lasted ages! (the longest bath I've had in quite some time!) My skin felt in tip top condition when I finally emerged from my tub and I surprisingly wasn't left covered in glitter (something that has put off shimmery products in the past!) All in all I'd recommend this lovely bubble bar to anyone who loves a good chill in the bath with piles of golden bubbles & super soft skin! (and who doesn't want that?)

Sunnyside retails at £3.75 avaible online at your local LUSH store.

Is Sunnyside one of your top bubble bars? I think it's fab!

Kelly x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The LUSH Post #4 Ultrabland

I have to admit, I have been very excited about writing this post, as I believe I have found a brand new Holy Grail product to share with you guys. So as some of you may already know from my previous skincare ramblings, I have been experiencing quite a few of problems with skin over past 6 months. I've always had a love/hate relationship with my skin, forever willing it to behave. Praying for a miracle as I once again, invest in yet another overpriced high-end product which promises to not only give me the skin I've always wanted but to also "change my life" only to be highly disappointed with even angrier skin & a big hole burnt through my purse. I'd had enough. This had to change. To all the people who suffer from extremely sensitive skin that throws a tantrum the moment you apply even the lightest of lotions, I feel your pain and I understand your struggle. However I bring good news, as I am about to tell you about a miracle product which has not only soothed my grumpy skin, but actually improved it. Imagine that! It is possible! 

You can probably see from this photo where I couldn't resist getting stuck in before remembering to take the pic!

As you can see from the title of this post I'm not about to tell you to take a loan out for a drop of another high end bullshit product which leaves you skint, sad & even spottier. Let's take it back to basics, all hail LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser.

Okay, so maybe I'm getting a little too carried away here. However after trying every product under the sun & to finally find something that actually works, then I think I'm allowed to make a bit of a song & dance about it! When I first started getting skin problems I became addicted to researching every ingredient in the products I used, trying my hardest to find something that was not only safe for my skin but the least likely to irritate or contain any comedegenic ingredients (that was hard, let me tell you!) Cosdna.com became my new best friend and after coming across Ultrabland on the Lush website (don't know how I could have ever missed it!) I was quickly tapping away searching for it on my new fave website. After looking through the fairly short list of ingredients, noting that they were all safe for my skin and contained only one ingredient (beeswax) which had a very low possibility of causing irritation & was actually supposed improve the skin, I thought to myself "I can only give it a go, it's not like my skin can get any worse!" I wasn't feeling incredibly optimistic but after reading the hundreds of positive reviews online I had hope.

Ultrabland is a thick, rich & very greasy cream with a very fine grainy texture, not what I expected, as I thought this wouldn't only aggravate my combination skin & break me out even more. However I decided to give it a go. Firstly, this stuff melts make up & removes it brilliantly! Even if you do not suffer with skin problems I can't recommend this stuff highly enough as a top notch make up remover. Secondly, y'know that grainy stuff I mentioned? That's almond shell & it's fab little exfoliant. It really buffs andd smoothes the skin. Then there's the thick oily white stuff itself. Looking like something you'd put in a Victorian Sponge rather than on your face, I proceeded to smooth it on anyway in gentle circular motions. It really did feel very greasy but I put this worry to the back of my mind and continued with my routine. Once rubbed all over you are supposed to remove this with either a flannel, muslin cloth or cotton pads soaked in warm water, just like a hot cloth cleanser. The first time I used I used a muslin cloth, but found after a few uses I prefered to remove it with cotton pads, as this was extra gentle on my irritable skin.

 Once removed and patted dry with a towel my skin felt very very smooth with a very light oily layer on the surface. I worried this would clog my pores and break me out, but I needn't have. After using this lovely stuff for just over a month it has transformed my skin! I am so happy! Ultrabland has a beautiful delicate rose scent which isn't too overpowering. Retailing at £6.95 for 45g  (which has lasted me ages, even with my mum stealing a blob or two!) this stuff is fab value for money (especially compared to that high-end stuff which hasn't done my skin any favours!) I really can't rave about this stuff enough! Fellow sensitive skin sufferers I urge you to give it a go. If you don't wish to splash out on the full size the you can always ask the very lovely assistants for a free sample. I can assure you your skin will thank you! Can I get a hallelujah for Ultrabland!

Kelly x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The LUSH Post #3 Rose Jam Bubbleroon

If you're tired of the same old bath bombs and are looking to try something a bit different then look no further than the bubble bar! Perfect for those of you who prefer a bath filled with gorgeous smelling bubbles rather than a ballistic which, although beautiful, just fizzes away in the bath. 

I recently came across Rose Jam bubble bar when having my regular nosey in my local LUSH store. When I first smelt it I coudn't believe I'd never tried it before, it was gorge! It smelt exactly like Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (which I also adore & can't get enough of!) so if you like that then combine with lovely bubble bar for a perfect bath! It may not look like much (if you ask me it kinda resembles a bright pink bottom!) However I was very pleased with how baby soft it left my skin feeling and the beautiful sugary scent lingered for hours after my bath.

At £3.25 Rose Jam isn't the priciest of bubble bars (the most costly being The Comforter, retailing at £4.50) and as you can split it in to 2 baths, this product is great value for money! If you're new to the whole bubble bar experience then do not fear, as these are ever so simple to use! Whilst running your bath just  the crumble your Rose Jam bubbleroon under the running water and watch as your tub fills with heaps of sweet-smelling pink bubbles. Heaven!

Have you tried Rose Jam? What's your fave bubble bar?
Kelly x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The LUSH Post #2 Whoosh Shower Jelly

One of the main things that always has me returning to Lush is knowing that I will discover something weird & wonderful with every visit.

They are at the pinacle of creative & innovative ways of bathing and Whoosh Jelly is no exception of that fact. Just the meer thought of rubbing a bright wobbling dessert on to ones body seems absurd but to clean yourself with it? Lush really has gone bonkers. However, as always, curiosity most definitely got the better of me and I was soon popping the little tub of Whoosh shower jelly in to the sales assistants hands eager to get home and try it!

So how do you wash with a jelly? This was both an exciting & ever so slightly frightening task I had ahead of me! The instructions said you can chill or freeze the jelly (whoah this stuff is getting crazier by the second!) or just use it straight from the tub (which is what I did, I didn't want to start with anything too adventurous!) As instructed on the tub I rubbed their wobbly bits over my wobbly bits (Oh Lush you do make me laugh) and was surprised at just how easy this strange stuff was to use! I'll admit it took me a couple of goes before I was successful in the not-dropping-any-on-the-floor...ness. 

However once I got to grips with it, I found it to be really fun product to use! It lathered like a dream, which surprised me the most (how the hell do you get soapy bubbles out of jelly?!) and don't even get me started on the smell! It had the most refreshing gorgeous lemon, lime & rosemary scent I've ever had the pleasure of smelling! It did exactly what it said on the tin (or tub!) and really woke me up! Fab if, like me, you too find it hard to face early morning starts!

Have you tried Whoosh Shower Jelly yet? How much crazier are Lush products going to get?

Kelly x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The LUSH Post #1 Grass Shower Gel

Hello my lovelies and welcome to, what I hope to become, a regular post on my little blog. As a self-confessed Lush addict, I thought it only right that they have their very own post right here. The Lush Post will be a weekly (or more often, I practically live in that lovely shop!) review or just general chatter about what's new at Lush. So, where to start? I think it'll have to be with one of my absolute faves at the mo, Grass Shower gel!

Despite being a committed regular at Lush, I'd never really taken much notice of their shower gels before (I normally skip straight past them to the beautiful piles of glittering bath bombs & delicious smelling soaps!) However, after running out of my usual go-to shower fave (Original Source Mint & Tea Tree) and whilst browsing their online store, I thought it about time to try a Lush shower gel & tossed Grass in to my (already over-filling) basket.

Lush Grass Shower Gel is unlike any other shower gel I've ever tried before! I was intrigued as to what it would be like to wash with a scent I've never found from any other brand before. The only way I can describe it is by saying it's like showering in a beautiful meadow, full of flowers and sunshine. (Honestly, if you've ever tried it you'll know what I mean!) It's summer in a bottle! 

I was expecting a freshly mown lawn sort of scent, but this is ten times better than that! (If possible, I do love a freshly cut lawn!) when I use this my mind is transported to a gorgeous woods somewhere, with the sun shining through the trees. Somewhere peaceful & bright. As well as wheatgrass juice (which is the main ingredient in this lovely stuff) sandalwood, neroli & bergamot oils have also been squeezed in to this little bottle, which help to look after your skin & lift your mood (bergamot is my number 1 feel-good fragrance!) This is perfect for summer & in my opinion, ideal for the festival goers among you. 

One small thing I did notice was that when I told my sister to try this it seemed to set off her hay fever just from smelling it. Odd I thought, as it's only a shower gel. So I would just like to warn anyone who suffers allergies that this may not be for you. Don't let that put you off though if you really want to try it! Maybe just ask for a small tester from one of their very helpful assistants or give it a bit of a sniff in store to see if it tickles your nose before purchasing a full sized bottle!

Grass lingers on the skin but is not too heady or overpowering. I just felt super clean & fresh as a daisy all day! My skin was also left feeling very soft & unlike other shower gels it didn't feel like it had been smothered in harsh chemicals, a feeling I often get from products which contain a lot of synthetic fragrances & ingredients.

At £4.95 Grass Shower gel is a little more pricey than your average bog standard pot of shower goo, but remember this lovely stuff is anything but bog-standard! All in all I have to say I am very impressed with Grass & can't wait to try out the other shower gels that Lush has to offer. 

What's your fave Lush shower product? Let me know in the comments! 

Kelly x

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Seventeen Phwoarr Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer

I've never used anything fom the brand Seventeen before, but after hearing this little beaut raved about in the blogosphere like a bizzillion times, I decided I wanted in on the action. And rightly so, as this is, without a doubt, the best under eye concealer I have ever tried (joining the top spot with my reliable Collection Lasting Perfection, that's served me well for many years) This handy little compact (with mirror) is fab for anyone who is a victim of persky dark circles & under eye bags (mine look more like a whole bloody suitcase!) it's great on the go & I even use mine on any other annoying blemishes & scars I want to cover up. Phwoarr Under Eye Concealer is the perfect all-rounder! 

At only £5.49, this is well in most peoples budgets, especially for such a high-quality product that gets the job done! So it looks like I'll definitely be repurchasing this lovely stuff. When it finally runs out that is, this creamy concealer lasts ages! If you really had to poke me for cons I'd say the only sore point for this product would be that it only comes in 2 shades, fair & medium. I found that both shades had a very orangey tone to them (I opted for the fair one) however once on my particularly pale skin, blended very well & matched my skin tone beautifully, without looking or feeling too cakey. It wasn't sticky, dried to a lovely powder finish & really perked up my eyes! As it was 3 for 2 I thought I'd check out some more of Seventeens lovely make up range, so watch this space for more reviews coming soon lovelies!

Have you tried Phwoarr Under Eye Concealer yet? Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Flourless Banana & Blueberry Pancake Recipe

Hello my lovelies! So I thought I'd start the week with some healthy eating & what better way than with my Auntie Kirsty's famous flourless pancake recipe! (what a mouthful!) This is great if you're trying to cut down on a few calories but still want to treat yourself to something sweet. Have a fab Monday!

Kelly x

Monday, 5 May 2014

May Day Bath Time with LUSH

Okay, so it may not be the most celebrated or well-known holiday of the year, but Lush has pulled out all the stops for May Day (a pagan holiday on the 1st of May) with this super cute badger-themed bath ballistic. 

So let me start with the aesthetics and say that this really is the most adorable thing I've ever seen in bath bomb form. A large white ballistic with black badger-like features, this little guy will be a happy edition to anyone's bath! 

Next up, and what I personally feel one of the most important aspects of a LUSH bath bomb is the smell. After all, nobody wants to spend the best part of half an hour bathing in something that, to them, doesn't smell absolutely gorgeous! 

For me, the appropriately named May Day bath bomb smells fab! With refreshing bergamot & rosewood oils, this one is sure to lift your spirits on even the rainiest of days! After my beautiful bath I felt perked up & ready for the day! Not to mention how super soft my skin felt, it's fair to say I was more than happy with my new fizzy friend!

At only £2.95, this large bath ballistic (about the same size as Dragons Egg) is well worth the money. It's safe to say you get a lot of badger for your buck! As well as being a bargain, all proceeds (excluding VAT) go straight to anti-badger cull projects including Save Me. So what more reason could you need for picking up this sweet-smelling fella next time you're in LUSH?

May Day Bath Ballistic is available in store & online for a limited time only, retailing at £2.95.

Have you tried May Day bath ballistic yet? What did you think?

Kelly x

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Garnier Ultimate Blends Review

I recently discovered the new Garnier Ultimate bends hair care range whilst on the lookout for a new shampoo & conditioner in Boots. However before we crack on with the review I'd just like to apologise for my lack of posts recently! As some of you may know I am also now on YouTube & am discovering just how much time it takes to film, edit & upload videos (especially with my awful internet connection!) so please bare with me I haven't forgotten about you loyal lot & am going to try fit a lot more words on paper for you guys! So without further ado, Garnier Ultimate Blends, what did I think? Did they get me in all of a lather?

Well after much debate in the hair section in Boots I eventually opted for "The Marvellous Transformer" with argan & camellia oils & "The Colour Illuminator" again, containing wonderful argan oils, this time paired with cranberry both in shampoo & conditioner forms (there was a half price offer, rude not to!) After hearing many a good thing about these new products I couldn't wait to try them for myself! The first one I tried was the cranberry one, as I'd recently coloured my hair (don't panic, I haven't had a crazy new do without letting you lovelies know! I've just redone my roots & freshened up my ombre!) I found, as well as smelling gorge, my hair felt a lot more volumnious & super soft! It also really brightened up my blonde ends! Couldn't really ask for more!

Next up was The Marvellous Transformer. Now, with a name like that it's safe to say my hopes had been set high for this little baby and I most definitely wasn't left disappointed! After the very first use my normally wild & unruly hair felt more manageable, silky soft and just, well, transformed! Obviously bleach can really dry you hair & make it frizzy and damaged. However this fab bottle of magic sorted my dry ends a treat, making them soft & in better conditon. I can't recommend this stuff enough! A new fave & I will mst definitely be repurchasing! I can't wait to find out what the rest of the range has to offer me!

Garnier Ultimate Blends haircare range is available in most Boots & Superdrug stores & retails at £3.89. (get it now whilst it's on offer at Boots!)

Have you tried this range yet? Let me know your thoughts!

Kelly x

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Get Unready With Me - Mini Pamper Night

Hello my lovelies! So I thought I'd do a "get unready with me video" for you guys as they tend to be the most requested! Hope you enjoy!

Kelly x

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dr Brandt BB Cream - An Honest Review

Hello my lovelies! So I thought I'd do a little review for you guys on the Dr Brandt BB Cream with Flexitone. Hope you enjoy and subscribe for more! 

Kelly x

Monday, 24 February 2014

Lots of Love Review

Hello my lovelies! So if you happened to watch my LUSH Valentines Haul then you'll know I was lucky enough to receive the Lots of Love gift box from my boyfriend. As I have only just got round to trying all the products in the box I thought I'd write up a little review for you guys, as promised. So let's get get started, shall we?

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
This is, by far, my fave product in the box! I'd never tried a body conditioner before so was very excited when I found this little gem hiding in amongst the starch peanuts! The idea is that you apply this lovely stuff to wet skin whilst in the bath or shower and then rinse off, as you would a hair conditioner. It doesn't lather up like a shower gel would so I didn't think it would do much for my skin. Oh boy was I wrong! After rinsing off and patting myself dry my skin felt in the best condition than ever before! Ro's Argan body conditioner really hydrated my skin without leaving it sticky. It was silky soft & smoother than a baby's bum! This is fab if you're in a hurry and don't have the time to faff about with body lotions & potions once you're out of the bath. What's even better is that it's available all year round! I can't recommend this stuff enough & although it retails at £15.95 (for a pretty hefty tub mind) I will definitely be treating myself to some more of this next time I'm in Lush!

Tender Is The Night Massage Bar
It's fair to say I've tried my share of Lush massage bars in the past & I adore them all (apart from Wiccy Magic Muscles, sorry Lush but the clove smell was a little too overpowering for my taste!) this is, by far my new fave! I was even lucky enough to convince my wonderful boyfriend to give me a massage (I'm normally the one dishing out the back rubs!) The smell alone is enough to make you fall in love with this bar. With sweet vanilla & calming jasmine notes that linger on the skin, Tender Is The Night smells truly heavenly! However if you can't be won over by gorgeous scents alone, then the many beneficial ingredients might just have you popping this in to your next Lush order! With Shea and Murumuru butters & Ylang Ylang oil this generously-sized bar helps to nurture & care for your skin leaving it feeling super soft and very pampered! I would however recommend using this when you've got a bit more time to yourself as the beautiful oils do take a little while to sink in to the skin. Tender Is The Night Massage Bar has now been made a permanent product in the Lush range (hoorah!) and retails at £6.50.

Neon Love Soap
Lush really pushed the boat out with this sweet-smelling soap! Not only is it the perfect edition to any Valentines gift, the lovely guys at the Lush factory even molded it in to a beautiful heart shape with "Love" written on it (how cute?!) Neon Love keeps you clean, smelling gorgeous & looks fab. What more could you ask for really? Retailing at £4.25 for 100g, this soap is still available (at the moment) online and in-store. Get yours while stocks last!

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
Although this is available in Lush all year round, I'd never actually got round to buying this pink & purple ballistic before so was really looking forward to trying it out. I'd say I was more of a fan of bubble bars than bath bombs as I can normally get 2 or 3 uses out of them and find them a lot more beneficial for the skin, whereas bath bombs tend to just make bath times more fun with their beautiful aesthetics. I decided to share this pretty ballistic with my boyfriend (he did buy me it afterall & is a big fan of Ickle Baby Bot bath ballistic!) and we both loved it! With lovely floral scents this ones perfect for setting the romantic mood with a loved one. One thing I wasn't a big fan of was the rose petals floating about in the bath. To begin with they look lovely, but after a while they become congealed and are just a bit irritating to share your bath with! Other than that, Sex Bomb (retailing at £3.25) gave me a fab pink, glittering bath that smelled of roses. What more could a girl want? 

Prince Charming Shower Gel
With vanilla & pomegranate, Prince Charming is an interesting combination of sweet & fresh scents that make skin beautifully soft. I've only ever tried one other Lush shower gel (a free sample of Flying Fox Lush sent me with an online order, it was lovely!) however after trying this little bottle I think I'll be branching out and seeing what more Lush has to offer with their range of shower gels! Even if the smell is a little too sickly sweet for you, you can't deny that this super cute shower gel really pampers the skin & leaves it silky soft! Retailing at £4.50 (for 100g bottle) Prince Charming is available online and in-store (for a limited time only I believe).

Have you tried any of these Lush products yet? Which is your fave?

Kelly x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Little Bit TMI

Check out my TMI TAG video on YouTube! I promise to be writing some more reviews for you lovelies soon!

Kelly x

Monday, 17 February 2014

A Little LUSH Haul - Valentines Edition

Hello lovelies! My newest video is up for you guys! Note: I am aware I use the words "lucky enough" and "lovely" quite a bit..It'd been a very long day! Hope you enjoy and please like & subscribe, it means the world to me!

Kelly x

(P.s. Don't really know what's going on in the below thumbnail, YouTube just doesn't seem to want to save my settings, grr!)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Get Ready With Me: Valentines Date

So my New Years resolutions are going well so far...I finally have my first proper video up on YouTube! I decided to start with something simple, a "Get Ready With Me" perfect for Valentines Day. I really would love if you guys could go check it out & give me some feedback. Please be kind..it's my first time out there!

Are you thinking of starting your own channel soon? Let me know!

Kelly x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Very First Time: MAC Lady Danger

It was a cold & lonely night when I switched on my laptop. As the boredom set in I found myself browsing, yet again, on the MAC website. I decided it was time. I was ready. As I clicked the "confirm order" button my heart began to race. Before I knew it, it was all over. I had finally lost my MAC virginity.

Okay, okay, maybe I'm being a little melodramatic here about my newest beauty romance, but at £15 a pop for a lipstick + £2.95 postage & packing, I wasn't taking my latest purchase lightly. I opted for a matte lipstick in shade Lady Danger, a firm favourite within the blogosphere, to pop my metaphorical MAC cherry with. (as you can never go wrong with a new lippy!)

As someone who can never shy away from a bright red lipstick, you can imagine how happy I was when I received this little beauty in the post! Lady Danger is a beautiful bold red with orange undertones, perfect for anyone who isn't afraid to attract a little attention whilst wearing it!

When it comes to lip colours I tend to avoid anything described as coral or orange as I normally find these wash me out. Lady Danger, however has the perfect orange tone to it. Nothing too peachy, just a beautiful undertone to a gorgey vivid red which was, I must add, very pigmented. Marvelous!

So was it worth all that muller I splashed out on it? Well I can't deny that this is one of the most moisturising & long-lasting lipsticks I have ever purchased, but if I had to compare it to a high street brand I'd say it very much reminded me of Revlons Lip Butters which retail at almost half the price. (£7.99) Although it seems that every beauty blogger out there owns one of these (and in every single shade going too!) I can't help but feel that there are definitely other top quality lipsticks out there at a fraction of the price & with this in mind I think I could probably get a lot more for my money. (we're not all loaded after all & a girls gotta pay those damn bills!) 

With that said, I don't think I'm done with MAC just yet.. Maybe just one more lipstick.. or some blusher?... Ooh and I really want to try some their pigment too! And...
What? Okay, as determined as I was to not fall completely in love with MAC & their beautiful products I do somewhat feel an overwhelming urge to dash to my nearest store! Well I am a girl after all! And we just can't get enough of these pretty little things!

Lady Danger Lipstick is available to purchase online here or in store & retails at £15.

What was the first thing you purchased from MAC? Or are you still waiting to bite that beauty bullet?

Kelly x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask & COSDNA

Another Lush review I hear you ask? Well, I did warn you they were coming! 
I'd been having a lot of problems with my skin recently & really needed something to sort it out. Now I'm no stranger to the odd breakout or time-of-the-month spot, but in the space of about a week my skin was looking like a serious disaster zone. I've come to the conclusion this was probably caused by a combination of using too many new products, stress & changing my diet. So with this in mind & after watching a fab skincare video from the lovely sunbeamsjess (which you can watch here) I decided to look in to what actually goes on my face every time I cleanse, moisturise or cover it up with make up! She spoke about a website called COSDNA.com, which when you enter the name of a product you use comes up with a list of ingredients & tells you how bad or good they are for your skin. They do this by rating each ingredient on how comedogenic (likely it is to cause acne or be an irritant) it is. They also include a safety scale for each ingredient (green means go, red means no!) so you can see just how safe the things you put on your face are in the long term. I thought this was a genius idea, especially for those of us who worry about what we're putting on our skin or if you've had a breakout & you want to find out if it could be something you're using! 

So with this in mind (and my war zone of a face not looking particularly fab at the mo) I decided to get myself a face mask to help sort out my problem skin. As you all should know by now, I am an avid Lush fan. However I'd only tried a few of their face masks before & thought this would be a great time to try a new one! I wanted something that would really deep clean my skin, yet be gentle & soothing. Of course this was when my handy new best friend COSDNA came in! After looking up a few of Lush's Fresh Face Masks (and being quite shocked at just how harmful a couple of them are!) I'd narrowed it down to two. Those were Cosmetic Warrior & Love Lettuce. Now if you know anything about Lush face masks, then you'll know that Cosmetic Warrior (despite being great at targeting spots) consists mainly of garlic! With this in mind & after reading the description of Love Lettuce, I decided to opt for the latter. (I also didn't fancy the risk of stinking of garlic! If you've ever used Cosmetic Warrior please let me know if the smell really is that bad!)

Love Lettuce Fresh Face mask promised to soothe & brighten my complexion, whilst softening & removing dirt & excess oil from my skin. Doesn't sound too shabby if you ask me and it certainly delivered! Firstly, this mask smells divine! It contains lavender which not only helps to balance the skins sebum production but helps to calm your mind (perfect just before bedtime!) I left mine on til it went hard (10-15 minutes is usually enough) and then using warm water I gently washed it away. Now this isn't like most other face masks. It contains almond shells which very gently exfoliate the skin as you wash it off. (so don't forget to use slow circular motions to give it a good scrub!) This was gentle enough not to make my face feel sore or scratchy, yet abrasive enough to really brighten up my complexion & make my skin feel nice & clean.
This mask also includes Fullers Earth which absorbs dirt & oils and seaweed gel, honey & almond oils to make sure your skins lovely & moisturised! 

Now I don't normally write such long-winded reviews for products but I just can't stop raving about this one! I wasn't expecting miracles, but it's really made a difference to my skin, helping to calm down my irritated spots and, for once, not irritate it further like most other products (my skin can be very fussy sometimes!) 

I would really recommend this face mask to anyone whose having a bit of a battle with their skin or just wants something to give them a deep-down clean & super smooth face! I also urge anyone whose interested in what they put on their face to check out COSDNA.com. You may be surprised by what you find & finally get to the bottom of that mysterious breakout!

LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask is available here and in-store & retails at £5.95. (Remember to keep it in the fridge!)

Kelly x