Saturday, 14 December 2013

LUSH: Amazing Customer Service

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Hello my lovelies. Firstly I'd like to say sorry for my lack of posts recently. What with the run up to Christmas I've been a very busy lady! However I haven't forgotten about you & will try my best to fit in some more posts when I next get a spare hour to myself!

So today's post is a little different from my usual beauty reviews. Instead I'd like to tell you all about the fab customer service I recently received from LUSH. If you know me, you'll know that I am a massive fan of LUSH! Unfortunately though my nearest store is a 40 minute drive away so most of the time I find myself roaming through the pages of their online store whenever I need my LUSH fix! I've never had a problem with LUSH in the past; they have always been very helpful with my orders, always paid attention to any specific notes I leave for the packing team like asking for a certain free sample & delivery is always quick & efficient. However, I am sad to say that I did not have such a happy shopping experience with them this month.

I'd made a large (and very expensive!) order as I'd decided to buy a few relatives Christmas presents. Unfortunately though, when I received my parcel of LUSH goodies, I was to say the least a little disappointed. Two of the items were completely broken. One of which was So White bath ballistic, which if you know all about LUSH products, is a white ballistic with a secret red centre. Not so secret anymore as it was all crumbled up! The other item was a Melting Snowman luxury bath melt, whom I received without his nose! Normally that wouldn't bother me, but these were intended as gifts and I expected better from one of my fave stores! They also cost £5.50 together, which is a lot of money for two broken products.

So I decided to email LUSH customer service with my complaint. As quick as a flash I had a response from a lovely team member Alex. They were very apologetic about my experience and asked me to email photos of the broken goods alongside my invoice information. The following morning they responded telling me that replacement items would be sent out straight away & I should expect them within the week. I received them 5 days later in perfect condition. They'd included a note to the packer to be extra careful with my order too!
Not only was I more than happy with this wonderful customer service, they even said I could keep the broken products! (normally you'd have to send them back as proof!)

Despite my first (and hopefully only) bad experience with LUSH, I am more than happy with the help I received & am still a very happy customer who will continue to shop at this wonderful store. Thank you LUSH!

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What are your best & worst experiences with customer service? Let me know in the comments!

Kelly x