Friday, 21 June 2013

A Little LUSH Haul

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well! As you could probably tell I've been a little bit LUSH obsessed recently, I just love trying their gorgeous & economically friendly products! As I don't have a LUSH store in my town I normally shop there online. This is quite risky for me as I am quite particular about what scents I do & don't like. However LUSH never normally fail to impress me! Anybody else get over-excited when they receive a box of LUSH goodies that they've ordered? It always feels like Christmas!

So whilst having a browse on their website the other day I thought I'd give a few new things a go! Normally I'm a shower gel kinda girl but I thought that I'd branch out & try a few LUSH soaps, that's what they're most well-known for after all! I also thought that soap would last a lot longer than the normal gone-in-a-week gel forms. After a lot of scrolling up & down the soap section & investigating each & every one! (yes I do like to be thorough!) I finally decided on Honey I Washed The Kids (£3.40 for 100g)  & Porridge (£2.95 for 100g). 

Left Honey I Washed The Kids, Right Porridge
Honey I Washed The Kids looks like a delicious piece of fudge cake and it was particularly difficult to stop myself eating it! (I think LUSH should definitely open a cake shop!) when I opened it the smell is what first hit me, a gorgeous sweet honey scent which fills my bathroom every time I use it! It even has a "honeycomb top" a special treat for extra dry areas of skin. This stuff always leaves my skin beautifully soft & sweet-smelling. I always feel squeaky clean once I've used this, I love it!

When I first opened Porridge I have to admit I was a little taken aback by the smell. It smelt almost plastic-y & very strongly too, not at all like it was described in some of the reviews I'd read, which told it smelt of sweet oaty porridge, something which I was very much looking forward to. That aside I decided not to let it put me off & popped it in the shower with me. Porridge really does look like a lump of porridge, a grey-ish colour full of oats, the secret wonder ingredient in this soap! It lathered really well & the oats exfoliated my skin amazingly! Great for shaving your legs or buffing away stubborn dry skin! Once in the shower the smell wasn't as over-powering as I'd first thought, which is good as this is now my no.1 soap! I didn't even need a moisturiser after I'd used this as it really made my skin buttery-smooth. Highly recommend it for you lovelies who like to get a little more than just cleanliness out of your soap!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

I then thought I'd try my first ever bubble bar! (exciting stuff I know!) There were so many interesting bubble bars, all of which were beautifully made & offered a different bath time experience! (some were great for relaxing whilst others claim to invigorate!) I eventually settled on Creamy Candy (although I wanted them all!) Creamy Candy (£2.50 each)  is described as the perfect bubble bar for a girly night in. It is one of the cutest LUSH products I've seen, a small pink bar with a pretty little flower sitting on top, great for all you girly girls, or if you're looking for a gift for a younger relative! As this was my first bubble bar I wanted to get more than one use out of it, so decided to break it in half. I had read somewhere that putting it in an old stocking or pair of tights & wrapping them around the tap as your bath fills up helps to create loads more bubbles, so me being the try-everything-once girl that I am thought I'd give this a go! It worked like a dream & my bath was soon full of lots of sweet-smelling bubbles! I'd heard that it's also meant to make the bubbles pink, however mine were white. This is the perfect bubble bar for you if you're a fan of sweet candy-floss scents & feeling like a little kid again. It really reminded me of cherry Panda Pops, a fizzy drink I used to have as a little girl & this brought back lots of lovely memories for me! The bubbles lasted about 30 minutes, so this is great if you like your baths long! Once out of the bath my skin was silky smooth & smelt lovely! Would definitely repurchase!

Dirty Toothy Tabs
Now if you read one of my latest posts you'll know that I recently tried Toothy Tabs, an innovative way of keeping your pearly whites clean by LUSH. I first tried & reviewed Sparkle Toothy Tabs, which I loved so much I couldn't wait to try some other flavours! This time I went for Dirty flavour (£2.00 for 40 tabs) which has a lovely spearmint taste, great if you're new to Toothy Tabs! If you don't know how Toothy Tabs work you can find my more in-depth review here. These ones left my mouth feeling really fresh & my teeth squeaky clean! A new favourite!

The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask
Next up I decided to treat my mum to a lovely new face mask (which of course I also wanted to try!) I bought The Sacred Truth (£5.95 per 75g pot) as it is designed for ageing skin & although I believel my mum is beautiful & does not yet need to fight the signs of ageing I thought she'd appreciate this as she's always on the lookout for new anti-ageing products to try! This gorgeous face mask contains fresh papaya, ginseng, green tea & wheatgrass which are all great for protecting & nurturing the skin! Ginseng & green tea are great for this as they contain important antioxidants, whilst the wheatgrass helps shoo away any unwelcome free radicals. The papaya helps to dissolve dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft & smooth. This is the second LUSH Fresh Face Mask I've tried, the other one being Catastrophe Cosmetic, which is one of the most wonderful face masks I've ever used, so it was going to take a lot for this one to steal first place! However this face mask really impressed me! The directions for use are pretty simple, apply a thick layer of this lovely, natural stuff to your face (try to avoid getting any in your peepers!) & leave until dry, (about 10-15 minutes is usually enough). Then wash off to reveal soft, glowing skin, simple! Me & my mum really enjoyed using this face mask. My skin felt very pampered & healthy, it's basically food for your face! I would recommend this for skin that needs a bit of a pick me up! And don't forget to keep your fresh face masks in the fridge! They last around 2-3 weeks.

Therapy Massage Bar
Finally it was recently my boyfriends birthday & as an extra special treat I decided to buy him a massage bar. (as if he needs any more excuses to ask me for massages, he gets enough of them!) I chose Therapy (£6.50 for 50g) as I thought it would help him to relax after a stressful day at work (and he may have sneakily tried to point it out to me!) This bar smells beautiful, just like lavender & cocoa butter, the perfect scent to help you unwind! I've only ever tried one other massage bar, that being Wiccy Magic Muscles. However it had a very strong scent of cloves which really put me off! This one smells absolutely gorge! I love that this bar is aerated, it makes the massage experience feel even more luxurious & it melts beautifully on to the skin. Therapy releases very moisturising oils when used without being too greasy or sticky. My boyfriend loves it! I also found it absorbs in to the skin very quickly, so there's no waiting about for too long before getting dressed. (if you intend to!) I was really very pleased with the overall outcome of this product. (a great moisturiser for me & a very happy boyfriend!) Now just to persuade him to give me a massage with it!... 

You can find all LUSH products in store or online at

I hope you've all found this post somewhat helpful if you're looking to try some new LUSH products like me! Let me know what your LUSH faves are! Also just a note to say that I'm sure all of you are aware that Google Reader will no longer be with us in about a week, so if you're not already please do follow my blog via Bloglovin'! Would mean the world to me, I'd hate to lose all of you lovely loyal followers! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Kelly xx


  1. This is the first time I ever heard about LUSH having tooth care products but I will have to check this one out! :)
    xoxo -B ♡

    1. Would definitely recommend them!

      Kelly x

  2. I really want to try the Toothy Tabs now!!

    1. They're great! You should give them a go! :)

      Kelly x

  3. I love Lush products! You've bought some great ones!
    Love the blog! Now following :)
    Jess xo

  4. mmm really craving a little trip to lush now!
    lovely post :)i've nominated you for the liebster award! here's the link if you wanna check it out:

    amy xx