Sunday, 30 June 2013

NOTD #2: Rimmel Salon Pro in Soul Session

Hey guys! So as you may already know that I am a massive fan of Rimmel at the moment, in particular their beautiful selection of nail polishes. I was having a browse in my local Superdrug store the other day when I was drawn to the Rimmel stand. As they had Rimmel Salon Pro nail polishes on offer for just £2.99 how could I say no? That would just be rude!

As I normally go for quite bright bold colours when it comes to my nails I thought it was about time I branched out in the world of talon paints and go for something a bit more natural. I decided on Soul Session, a gorgeous taupe-y caramel colour which looks almost pink in certain lights. This was my first Salon Pro nail polish so I didn't quite know what to expect. However I must say I was very pleased with the results! 

I used this on top of my China Glaze base coat. I applied two coats of the lovely stuff as one coat didn't seem to stand out enough for me. I think I just need to get used to the whole neutral colour thing! Once dry, my nails were beautifully shiny and I really loved the colour! It's great if you're looking for a more muted shade for your nails!

As for the durability, it lasted a good 5 days before getting chipped which in my opinion is great, especially for only £2.99! I also really love the brush. It's quite wide so it only takes one or 2 strokes for each nail. What more could a girl want in a nail polish?

All in all I was very impressed by this Salon Pro Nail Polish and will definitely be checking out the other colours in the range! Well done Rimmel, another happy customer!

Have you tried Salon Pro Nail Polish yet? What's your fave colour?
Kelly xx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Topical Tuesdays: Keep Calm and...

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Hello lovelies! So today's Topical post is really just a motivational message. A little reminder to each and every one of you that we shouldn't let life or others get us down. I believe that is very important to take an hour every day to ourselves to de-stress & unwind after a long day of rushing to meetings, rude people pushing past you & not getting that last tuna salad sandwich in that cafe you had to wait in because you've missed your train (again!) I for one am guilty of letting the days stresses and problems affect my health & well being. Stress is one of the biggest causes of health problems and we should all make taking a breather an essential part of our day. 

Every single day we are faced with meeting new people and taking on new challenges. Some of them can be exciting, some of them terrifying. We just need to remember that if it all gets too much for us it's okay to take a time-out. A bit of "me time" is just what the doctor ordered. Go for a walk, phone a good friend or run yourself a nice, hot bubble bath. Stick your headphones in & make yourself that well deserved cuppa. However you like to chill out, just remember, that essay you have to finish can be put on hold for an hour & that washing up can always wait til the morning!

Hope you've all had a fab day! Let me know your fave ways of chilling out!
Kelly xx

Friday, 21 June 2013

A Little LUSH Haul

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well! As you could probably tell I've been a little bit LUSH obsessed recently, I just love trying their gorgeous & economically friendly products! As I don't have a LUSH store in my town I normally shop there online. This is quite risky for me as I am quite particular about what scents I do & don't like. However LUSH never normally fail to impress me! Anybody else get over-excited when they receive a box of LUSH goodies that they've ordered? It always feels like Christmas!

So whilst having a browse on their website the other day I thought I'd give a few new things a go! Normally I'm a shower gel kinda girl but I thought that I'd branch out & try a few LUSH soaps, that's what they're most well-known for after all! I also thought that soap would last a lot longer than the normal gone-in-a-week gel forms. After a lot of scrolling up & down the soap section & investigating each & every one! (yes I do like to be thorough!) I finally decided on Honey I Washed The Kids (£3.40 for 100g)  & Porridge (£2.95 for 100g). 

Left Honey I Washed The Kids, Right Porridge
Honey I Washed The Kids looks like a delicious piece of fudge cake and it was particularly difficult to stop myself eating it! (I think LUSH should definitely open a cake shop!) when I opened it the smell is what first hit me, a gorgeous sweet honey scent which fills my bathroom every time I use it! It even has a "honeycomb top" a special treat for extra dry areas of skin. This stuff always leaves my skin beautifully soft & sweet-smelling. I always feel squeaky clean once I've used this, I love it!

When I first opened Porridge I have to admit I was a little taken aback by the smell. It smelt almost plastic-y & very strongly too, not at all like it was described in some of the reviews I'd read, which told it smelt of sweet oaty porridge, something which I was very much looking forward to. That aside I decided not to let it put me off & popped it in the shower with me. Porridge really does look like a lump of porridge, a grey-ish colour full of oats, the secret wonder ingredient in this soap! It lathered really well & the oats exfoliated my skin amazingly! Great for shaving your legs or buffing away stubborn dry skin! Once in the shower the smell wasn't as over-powering as I'd first thought, which is good as this is now my no.1 soap! I didn't even need a moisturiser after I'd used this as it really made my skin buttery-smooth. Highly recommend it for you lovelies who like to get a little more than just cleanliness out of your soap!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

I then thought I'd try my first ever bubble bar! (exciting stuff I know!) There were so many interesting bubble bars, all of which were beautifully made & offered a different bath time experience! (some were great for relaxing whilst others claim to invigorate!) I eventually settled on Creamy Candy (although I wanted them all!) Creamy Candy (£2.50 each)  is described as the perfect bubble bar for a girly night in. It is one of the cutest LUSH products I've seen, a small pink bar with a pretty little flower sitting on top, great for all you girly girls, or if you're looking for a gift for a younger relative! As this was my first bubble bar I wanted to get more than one use out of it, so decided to break it in half. I had read somewhere that putting it in an old stocking or pair of tights & wrapping them around the tap as your bath fills up helps to create loads more bubbles, so me being the try-everything-once girl that I am thought I'd give this a go! It worked like a dream & my bath was soon full of lots of sweet-smelling bubbles! I'd heard that it's also meant to make the bubbles pink, however mine were white. This is the perfect bubble bar for you if you're a fan of sweet candy-floss scents & feeling like a little kid again. It really reminded me of cherry Panda Pops, a fizzy drink I used to have as a little girl & this brought back lots of lovely memories for me! The bubbles lasted about 30 minutes, so this is great if you like your baths long! Once out of the bath my skin was silky smooth & smelt lovely! Would definitely repurchase!

Dirty Toothy Tabs
Now if you read one of my latest posts you'll know that I recently tried Toothy Tabs, an innovative way of keeping your pearly whites clean by LUSH. I first tried & reviewed Sparkle Toothy Tabs, which I loved so much I couldn't wait to try some other flavours! This time I went for Dirty flavour (£2.00 for 40 tabs) which has a lovely spearmint taste, great if you're new to Toothy Tabs! If you don't know how Toothy Tabs work you can find my more in-depth review here. These ones left my mouth feeling really fresh & my teeth squeaky clean! A new favourite!

The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask
Next up I decided to treat my mum to a lovely new face mask (which of course I also wanted to try!) I bought The Sacred Truth (£5.95 per 75g pot) as it is designed for ageing skin & although I believel my mum is beautiful & does not yet need to fight the signs of ageing I thought she'd appreciate this as she's always on the lookout for new anti-ageing products to try! This gorgeous face mask contains fresh papaya, ginseng, green tea & wheatgrass which are all great for protecting & nurturing the skin! Ginseng & green tea are great for this as they contain important antioxidants, whilst the wheatgrass helps shoo away any unwelcome free radicals. The papaya helps to dissolve dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft & smooth. This is the second LUSH Fresh Face Mask I've tried, the other one being Catastrophe Cosmetic, which is one of the most wonderful face masks I've ever used, so it was going to take a lot for this one to steal first place! However this face mask really impressed me! The directions for use are pretty simple, apply a thick layer of this lovely, natural stuff to your face (try to avoid getting any in your peepers!) & leave until dry, (about 10-15 minutes is usually enough). Then wash off to reveal soft, glowing skin, simple! Me & my mum really enjoyed using this face mask. My skin felt very pampered & healthy, it's basically food for your face! I would recommend this for skin that needs a bit of a pick me up! And don't forget to keep your fresh face masks in the fridge! They last around 2-3 weeks.

Therapy Massage Bar
Finally it was recently my boyfriends birthday & as an extra special treat I decided to buy him a massage bar. (as if he needs any more excuses to ask me for massages, he gets enough of them!) I chose Therapy (£6.50 for 50g) as I thought it would help him to relax after a stressful day at work (and he may have sneakily tried to point it out to me!) This bar smells beautiful, just like lavender & cocoa butter, the perfect scent to help you unwind! I've only ever tried one other massage bar, that being Wiccy Magic Muscles. However it had a very strong scent of cloves which really put me off! This one smells absolutely gorge! I love that this bar is aerated, it makes the massage experience feel even more luxurious & it melts beautifully on to the skin. Therapy releases very moisturising oils when used without being too greasy or sticky. My boyfriend loves it! I also found it absorbs in to the skin very quickly, so there's no waiting about for too long before getting dressed. (if you intend to!) I was really very pleased with the overall outcome of this product. (a great moisturiser for me & a very happy boyfriend!) Now just to persuade him to give me a massage with it!... 

You can find all LUSH products in store or online at

I hope you've all found this post somewhat helpful if you're looking to try some new LUSH products like me! Let me know what your LUSH faves are! Also just a note to say that I'm sure all of you are aware that Google Reader will no longer be with us in about a week, so if you're not already please do follow my blog via Bloglovin'! Would mean the world to me, I'd hate to lose all of you lovely loyal followers! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Kelly xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Topical Tuesdays: Heels: A Fashionable Pain?

Image taken from
Image taken from

They make us taller, sexier & feel 100 times more confident whilst wearing them. We collect them, we lust after them, we simply love them. Yes that's right ladies, I'm talking about shoes! Heels in particular. Kitten heels, 6-inch heels, heeled ballet pumps & wedges. Those little beauties that complete an outfit & give height for any girl who feels she is not quite tall enough. We just can't seem to get enough of them can we? But what is the science behind this beautiful creation? And are they good for us? Let's find out!

We've all been there. We need a new pair of shoes for that big night out that's coming up & we're walking (may I add quite awkwardly, unless you're a pro at wearing heels!) up & down Topshop, trying not to topple over! No matter how uncomfortable we just can't say no to a brand new pair of gorgeous heels that would go great with that little black dress. However, do you really know how wearing heels affects your health? Here's the sciencey bit!

Studies have shown that wearing high heels regularly can really affect your posture. It's hard to believe with all that added height, you feel like you're back is straighter than ever, but the truth is that when we wear heels, especially if we find them particularly difficult to walk in, we actually naturally slouch our backs in order to walk. Done regularly this can lead to serious back problems, and walking about with a bad back isn't the most fashionable thing in the world! 
When we try to squeeze our tootsies in to the small space in the front of a heeled shoe, the ligaments & tendons in our feet begin to stretch & tear. They can even rupture, causing damage to our feet. This can also lead to bunions which is a painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe, never a pretty sight! Worn daily, heels can even lead to irreversible damage to our leg tendons, scary stuff. There's a reason they're called "killer heels" ladies!

Image taken from

By wearing heels you obviously raise the heel of your foot which when you do pushes your center of gravity forward. When this happens your body will naturally bend your lower back to compensate, this is how we try to regain balance. When you do this the position of your spine changes, putting pressure on the nerves in your back.

This whole process can cause sciatica, which is a very painful condition where nerves become trapped which triggers pain & numbness in the back. This pain can move right down to the feet. 

Another problem that can occur from wearing heels is permanent damage to the Achilles tendon (the bit that runs up the back of your leg). This tendon is designed to be flexible so that it can lie flat or point. However many women who wear heels on a regular basis often suffer from a shortening of this tendon as once the heel is pointed upwards it tightens up. Stretching it again can cause a great deal of pain. Due to this damage many women find that they have to continue wearing heels because when they try to put their foot flat it causes too much pain. How can we say goodbye to our beautiful ballet pumps & trainers?

Image taken from

Finally there's the all important "head-over-heels" trick. Let's face it, we've all had a night out where we've had one too many glasses of wine & whilst wearing shoes like these tripping over seems to be inevitable (it seems I however I am able to do this sober as a nun!) It isn't a pretty sight girls! A tip would be to keep a soft pair of ballet pumps in your bag (in case of emergencies!) It is suggested that trying to keep heels to a maximum of 3 inches & only wearing them occasionally that these problems can be avoided.

So there you have it. Those are the real dangers of heels. I hope this has helped any of you suffering with back problems & trying to figure out the source of it. Remember, you can still wear those gorgeous new Jimmy Choo's which cost you a fortune! Just try to save those babies for best!

Are you obsessed with heels? Let me know how often you wear your fave pair!
Kelly xx

Friday, 14 June 2013

LUSH Dragons Egg Bath Bomb: Review

Hello lovelies! So you've probably all been wondering what's happened to this week's Topical Tuesday post. Well I have been battling with my internet for the past few days and as it has been going on and off a lot I wasn't able to write this weeks post. I've also not been too well so didn't want to just write a quick rubbish Topical Tuesday post for you guys. So fear not, Topical Tuesdays will return next Tuesday!

After hearing lots of hype about LUSH bath bombs I decided it was about time to buy my first ever one! I went for Dragons' Egg as I'd read a lot of positive reviews for it. It was a lot bigger than other bath bombs & smells gorgeous! It had a beautiful citrus smell (lemon & bergamot) which is very refreshing, great if you need a bit of a pick-me-up! As the ballistic dissolves it turns the water white & foamy. It also contains multicoloured confetti or "dragon scales" which start to appear in the bath. In my personal opinion I felt that these were an unnecessary ingredient in the bath bomb, although they did give it a certain aesthetic appeal I suppose.

After about 5 minutes the ballistic began to reveal an orange center which turned my water a beautiful amber colour whilst also foaming on the surface. This center also contained glitter which made my bath water sparkle. I felt like a princess! However you may want to shower afterwards or the next morning as I was covered in glitter when I got out of the bath!

This lovely bath bomb left my skin feeling silky smooth & very moisturised. Great if you have dry skin! I felt fresh as a daisy when I emerged from my beautiful bath, I would definitely buy again & highly recommend!
I also decided to film an underwater, yes that's right underwater demo of the this amazing fizzer in action for you guys! Hope you enjoy!

All in all I was very pleased with my first LUSH bath bomb experience & can't wait to try more! 

LUSH Dragons' Egg Bath Bomb is available in store & online at & retails at £3.20 each.

Have you tried Dragons' Egg yet? What's your fave LUSH bath bomb? 
Kelly xx

Monday, 10 June 2013

LUSH Sparkle Toothy Tabs: Review

Hey guys! So I was recently browsing the LUSH store online when I came across Toothy Tabs. Now I'd heard of these before but I thought I'd have a closer look this time! If you didn't already know Toothy Tabs are a revolutionary product thought up by the very imaginative and lovely people at LUSH. They are a solid form of toothpaste and the packaging is 100% recyclable, which I love! Each pack comes with 40 "tabs" and the idea is that you crunch up one of these, then with a little water on your toothbrush brush your teeth like normal. The Toothy Tab will then foam up in your mouth just like a toothpaste would. A pretty innovative and exciting idea don't you think? So after browsing the many different flavours and ranging from £2.00 - £3.50, (which I think is amazing value) I decided to try Sparkle. Sparkle is grapefruit, black pepper & lemon flavour, designed to get your gnashers gleaming & beautiful. Sounds good huh? So what were the results?

I'd read a few reviews before trying these, some people loved them, others not so much. A lot of people had said that the black pepper in them burnt their mouths and was terribly hot. This inevitably made me a little apprehensive about trying these but I decided to "man up" and bite the bullet. (or should I say tab? Haha at my awful sense of humour there) The first time I used these it was a very odd sensation, a bit like crumbling up a tiny biscuit and brushing it on your teeth, but after a couple of goes it felt like the most natural thing in the world! All I kept thinking to myself was "why have I not tried these before?!" 

As for the taste it was nowhere near as bad some people had said! Yes you could taste the black pepper, but it wasn't too strong or hot, it was just right (starting to sound a bit like Goldilocks now!) It did leave a warm sensation in my mouth, but it wasn't anything like what I was expecting. So if you've read a few reviews that have put you off trying these, I would still highly recommend them. Everyone likes different things after all & they're definitely worth a go, if not just for the fun of it! 

When I use these my mouth feels cleaner that it ever has before! It's like I've just been to the dentist & had my teeth cleaned up by a professional! I can't stop running my tongue over them, they feel so smooth and healthy! They contain sodium bicarbonate which is what helps to remove any stains from your teeth. However they do not contain any fluoride which is what is normally found in regular toothpastes. There has always been a big debate about whether fluoride actually strengthens your teeth or in fact makes them weaker. As I am neither a dentist nor a scientist I am very much caught in the middle of this controversy not knowing quite what's best for my teeth. So if you're like me, I'd advise alternating between your regular fluoride toothpaste and these toothy tabs, this way your teeth should be healthier then ever! 

Toothy Tabs are great if you're on the move, so it's always a good idea to keep some handy if you're travelling. They come in 7 different flavours, so there's something for everyone! These include Chou Chou I Love You, which tastes like Turkish delight, great for sweetening up your breath ready for kissing your one true love! There is also Dirty flavour, which if you're new to Toothy Tabs and aren't quite ready for the unusual flavours are great as they taste fresh & minty! Personally I can't wait to try all the weird & wonderful flavours available! I think it makes brushing your teeth a whole new experience & I'm really loving this product right now! Well done LUSH! You never fail to impress me!

LUSH Toothy Tabs are available in store or online at They retail between £2.00 - £3.50.

Have you tried these lovely tooth cleaners yet? What did you think? Hope you all have a fab Sunday!
Kelly xx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Topical Tuesdays: Nobody's Perfect!

Hey guys! So today I thought I'd talk to you about something that I personally feel is very important. These days many young women (and men!) are feeling pressured to look a certain way. What with the media shoving images of stick-think air-brushed celebs down our throats every single day it's easy to feel like you're not good enough. The word "perfect" is used a lot to make us ladies feel inadequate, but I have news for you. Nobody is perfect! The images you see are of people who have been put through grueling workouts & strict diets by a personal trainer. They have been pumped full of botox and silicone and not to mention after all of this pretty expensive & probably painful treatment they still have professional photographers who airbrush the heck out of their pics! Just check out this picture of Madonna (below) they've taken about 20 years off her! This gives out a completely false perception of reality and this is what makes us ladies feel crap about ourselves! (excuse the language there, but this is a subject that really gets to me!) 

Image taken from

I understand that they are celebrities & want to look good in the public eye, but it can have really damaging effects to young women that idolise these people. Some girls end up starving themselves to be skinny, become addicted to exercise & actually start to hate themselves for not looking like celebs! This makes me really sad & also very angry at the media who carry on telling people the "right" & "wrong" ways to look! I, myself used to admire celebs "I want her hair, her boobs & bum, her teeth and that ones nose" are just some of the things I used to say to myself whilst flicking the pages of my weekly glossy mags. However, one day I was talking to a friend who had become obsessed with an actress. The way she spoke about her, telling me that she (my friend) had spent a fortune on products that she had used thinking that they would really make her look like the actress really shocked me. I felt sorry for my friend that she was so unhappy in her own skin that she was trying desperately to turn herself in to a lookalike. I mean I know I have envied famous people in the past, I'm sure most of us ladies have! But it's not real! Yes It's nice to look nice but at the end of the day, you can only truly be happy being yourself. I know this is all going to sound very preachy & almost cheesy but it has to be said! I'm so sick of people believing that what's on the outside is the most important, because it most certainly isn't! 

There are so many people that have much bigger physical defects which do not only effect how they look but how they live their lives. Some people are born without arms & legs, some people can't walk. Others have terrible diseases or are born blind or deaf. What I've noticed most is that these are the people, the truly unlucky people who have had to live with such a distressing affliction are the ones who always have a smile on their face! You see, these people have to deal with the way they are every single day & know they can't change that so why let it get them down? I really admire people like this. People who have been very unfortunate & have to live their lives feeling different to everybody else. Just check out 30 year old Nick Vujicic (pictured below). An Australian man who was born without arms and legs yet he hasn't let this get him down! His positive outlook on life really makes me take a look at myself and think "these people have to deal with bigger problems than whether they have Beyonces curves or Cheryl Coles hair, pull yourself together girl!" When I'm feeling down about myself I try to take a leaf out of this very brave & amazing mans books. I am so lucky to be able to do everyday things that people who have these disabilities cannot, what's on the outside really doesn't matter when you think about it, does it? So please, take the time to think about how lucky you really are whenever you're feeling blue & show your respect to these amazing & inspirational people. 

Man With No Arms And Legs Gets Married
Image taken from

This topic has so many different angles, some of which I'd like to talk about in the future, i.e. eating disorders, self harm, etc. Please let me know if you'd like to hear about these subjects in my next Topical Tuesday posts. As usual please be thoughtful & respectful to others when commenting. Hope you all have a fab Tuesday! :)

Kelly xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Beauteco Beauty Box Review - My First Beauty Box!

Hello my lovelies! Well it's been an exciting month as I received my first ever beauty box! Not only am I new to the world of beauty boxes but Beauteco, the lovely company that sent me this box, are also brand spanking new on the scene! So I could think of no better way to start my beauty box journey than with a company that is taking it's first steps in to the industry too!

Beauteco differ from other beauty box companies because they let you choose which box you want. Neat huh? They have 3 different variations of the months box, so you can decide which one suits you best. This month I went for box number 1.

My box included:

Anatomicals Body Scurb 200ml (full size) rrp £3.49

This is a full sized product & I'm in love with it! It has a pink grapefruit scent which I adore and made my skin mega soft! The consistency was a thick gel with bits for exfoliating, so it kind of doubled up as a shower gel. This product normally retails at £3.49 which I think is amazing value for such a good quality product! Will definately be repurchasing when this runs out!

Anatomicals Hand Cream 100ml (full size) rrp £3.00

I've never been a massive fan of hand creams in general. I always find they leave my hands feeling too sticky or greasy. This one isn't bad, it smells beautifully like honey & moisturises very well. However, as I tend to avoid hand creams I gave this little beauty to my mum, who is loving it! She says "My hands feel very soft when using this. It really does hydrate my dry skin & leaves my hands looking beautiful." Can't argue with that! A great product if you're looking to try a new hand cream!

Dr Braggi Anti-ageing Serum 5ml (sample size tube) rrp for 60ml £120

As I am only 21 years old and have not yet (luckily!) started to see the first signs of ageing my mother decided to take this product off my hands too! She jumped at the chance to try it out and has really loved using it saying "I've noticed a visible difference in my skin. It feels tighter, smoother & fresher, everything you'd want in an anti-ageing serum. I'm going to have to get saving for this one!" Sounds good to me mummy dear!

Melvita Ultra Nourishing Moisturiser 15ml (sample size tube) rrp for 50ml £15

This cream is lovely & rich, great for thirsty skin! It contains 3 different types of honey which you can smell quite strongly, so if you're not a fan of overly scented moisturisers this might not be the one for you. This moisturiser made my skin silky smooth & sweet smelling which was quite different to other moisturisers I've tried. I really enjoyed using this one, it's a good moisturiser, however I'm not sure I would repurchase as I prefer my other face creams. This one's great if you have dry skin.

Moa Green Tea Cleansing Ritual Balm 5ml (sample size pot) rrp for 50ml £14.99

I adore this product! I've been looking to try a cleansing balm for a while now, so when I found out this box contained one I just couldn't resist! The idea of the balm is similiar to a hot cloth cleanser in the way that you apply it to your face (you don't need much!) & then wipe it off with a cloth soaked in hot water. The full size product comes with a bamboo-cloth, something I've never heard of before! However as this was only a sample size pot, I had to make do with my muslin cloth. This product is a pleasure to use & my skin feel beautifully soft when I do. Would highly recommend!

So that's it. My first beauty box! I hope this short & sweet review has helped any of you thinking of trying Beauteco beauty boxes! They retail at £10 a box (+£2.95 p+p) with different subscription options available. All information can be found on there website here

Have any of you tried this box yet? What did you think?
Kelly xx

Sunday, 2 June 2013

13 Personal Questions Tag

Hey guys! Firstly I'd like to apologise for the picture quality, my camera broke so stuck using my webcam or the time being! So I was recently tagged by the lovely Valeriya to do the 13 personal questions tag. I thought it was about time you lovely lot knew a bit more about me, so here goes!

1. What do you order from Starbucks?
As the Starbucks in my town recently closed down, I now tend to go to Cafe Nero or Costa. I'm loving Cafe Nero at the moment & usually order a Chai Latte with cinnamon. I also love their hot chocolate when the weather is colder!

2. What's the one thing in your closet you can't live without?
Ah, this question was hard! To say that I couldn't live without something from my closet would sound terribly materialistic & superficial, however one item I don't know what I'd do without because I wear it so much is my leather jacket from H&M. I love it!

3. What's one thing most people don't know about you?
Apart from special occasions I don't actually drink alcohol! I personally don't see the point in it myself & I am awful when drunk (from past experiences)!

4. What's one thing you want to do before you die?
I know it sounds terribly cliche, but I'd like to have my own little family. Lots of babies, a wonderful husband, a couple of dogs & a gorgeous house. Not asking for much there, haha!

5. What's one food you can't live without?
Chocolate. I know I'm trying to eat healthier but the stuff just calls out to me! I swear it's an addiction & I should get myself down to Chocoholics Anonymous! 

6. What's one quote you live your life by?
There are 2 quotes that spring to mind when I'm feeling a little down. They are Carpe Diem, which is the Latin term for "seize the day" something I need to tell myself every now & then. I also sometimes think to myself "Live, Laugh, Love". It's simple & what we all need reminding of from time to time.

7. What do you like & dislike about the blogging community?
I really like my supportive followers, you meet so many lovely people through your blog and they say the nicest things about it! One thing I do not like is when bloggers ask you to follow them or say that they will follow you back & never do! I want people to follow my blog because they want to, not just because I've followed them! I've even had people unfollow me once I've followed them. That ain't cool guys!

8.  What's your number 1 song on your iPod/iTunes?
This is so hard! So I'm just gonna say anything by Lana Del Rey! She is such an amazing artist with a beautiful voice! I also listen to Chromeo - Fancy Footwork on a daily basis. It's just such an upbeat song that makes me want to dance!

9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
This is difficult as I like to change up my style all the time! So eclectic? I love bright red lipstick, big messy hair, leather jackets & cute dresses. I like to look sophisticated but also put my own stamp on it.

10. Favourite number?
8 because it's symmetrical & even. Oh there's my OCD coming out, haha!

11. Two hobbies?
I secretly love to sing & dance. I've loved dance since I was a little girl when I'd make up routines in my bedroom with my sister! I've also been told I'm not too bad a singer, they must be deaf to think that!

12. Two pet peeves?
I can't stand stubborn people that always think they're right & won't back down! I live with a couple of these & it's so annoying sometimes! I also can't stand people that walk around thinking they're it & that they own the world! To quote Jenna Marbles they need to pipe the hell down!

13. Your guilty pleasure?
I actually wouldn't say I had any guilty pleasures because I am unashamed of what I'm in to. If I had to think of one thing it's probably that I like to play Harry Potter ps2 games in my spare time, that's quite geeky isn't it? Aha!

Thank you for tagging me Valeriya! Check out her blog here! Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!
Kelly xx

Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Favourites

Hey beauts! So I thought it was about time I did a monthly favourites post as there has been a lot of stuff I've been loving this month. Let's get stuck in, shall we?

Botanics Microdermabrasion polish
I am literally loving this product this month! I've recently been suffering from a lot of dry skin, especially around my nose & this little wonder sorted that right out! This is great if you think your skin needs a bit of a "resurface" & makes flaky, dry patches a thing of the past! Check out my full review here!

Original Source Chocolate & Mint Shower Gel
If you know me, you'll know how much I adore Original Source products & that I have a slight addiction to chocolate! So when I noticed a bottle of this glorious stuff on offer in Boots, I just couldn't resist! Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel is normally my number 1 fave, but add chocolate & you have a new winner! It smells absolutely gorgeous and makes skin super soft! This is the new way to enjoy chocolate guilt-free!

Moa Cleansing Balm
Now this little beauty came in this months Beauteco box. (review coming soon!) I'd really wanted to try a cleansing balm for a while, so to say I was excited when I found this in my box is an understatement! I really enjoy using this product & I find it a quick & easy way to remove make up. It's also really improved the condition of my skin. A big thumbs Moa! You can buy the next Beauteco box here.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish
If you've read my review, then you'll already know how much I'm loving these little pots of gorgeousness! The colour selection is great & they dry super quick! They also last around 5 days before you start to notice any chips, which I think is amazing! I'm loving Pear Drop at the moment, a pretty mint blue. Isn't it just lovely?

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Apocalyptic
I can't get enough of these lip lacquers! If you read my review from a while back you'll know how much I rate these cute super glossy lipsticks! I never used to be a massive fan of lip gloss in general, I always found it too sticky & don't you just hate when your hair gets stuck to your lips? But these lovelies are just brill! They are so highly pigmented which if you're a fan of bold, bright lip colours like me then you'll love these! I can't stop wearing Apocalyptic, a bright pink fuchsia colour. 

Primark Blue Skinny Jeans
I was recently in Primark on the lookout for some new jeans, when I came across these beauties! I realised I didn't have many pairs of blue jeans & at only £9 I just couldn't say no! I'm loving wearing these with my white pumps which looks perfect in the warmer weather!

What else have I enjoyed this month?
This month I've also been loving going to the cinema with my lovely boyfriend to watch Iron Man 3 & The Hangover Part 3. The movies were great & I do love our quality time together! I can't seem to be getting enough green tea this month either! I really adore the fruitier flavours & this months fave is Twining's Pineapple &Grapefruit Green Tea, it's so refreshing! I've also really enjoyed spending some time with my mum this month. She's been very stressed out at work so we decided to spend the day pampering ourselves! She is such a hard-working woman & the best mum in the world so she really deserved it! 

So that's about it my lovelies! What have you been loving this month? Let me know!
Kelly xx