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Topical Tuesdays: The Hairy Debate

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Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well! Now I'm sure today's Topical Tuesday post title has grabbed your attention; "the hairy debate? What does she mean?" Well the topic I want to focus on today, quite simply, is body hair! We all get it, some of us like it, most of us don't! When you first start to grow hair in unusual places during puberty it can be an amazing feeling. "Yay, I'm finally becoming a woman!" However, this joyous feeling is normally short-lived and most of us girls just don't know what to with this sudden forestation taking over our body's! "Should I shave it all off?" "Will it grow back if I do?" "Can hair removal damage my body?" These are some of the most common questions asked when deciding what you want to do with your body hair. So I'm now going to try my best for you gorgeous lot, and get you some answers! I would also like to say that just because most of your friends or even society is doing something, it does not in any way mean you have to too! If you want to do away with all of your body hair go for it! If you want to stay naturally hairy all over, again that's completely your choice! I hope this helps any of you going through a bit of a hairy time!

So I'm going to write this in different sections. Firstly, by method of hair removal. I will explain each method & tell you which part of the body it is best suited to. I will also tell you the pros & cons of each method. Sound good? Here we go..

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(this method can be used on legs, underarms & the pubic area)

Shaving! This is the first & most common way of hair removal. Many people who are new to removing their body hair usually start with this one. There are many different types of razors on the market so it's hard to know which will be best for you. You can get packs of disposable razors for as cheap as 50 pence! You can also get more heavy duty razors, which usually come with replaceable blades so you don't have to throw them away. Another option is the electrical razor which works quite similar to a disposable razor, however is considered by some people as a lot easier to use.
 Most razors work in the same way, in which you wash & lather your bits with a soap or shower gel (you can also get special creams & gels for this here) you then take take the razor you've chosen & with a gentle pressure (you don't want to push too hard!) go in the opposite direction of hair growth. Don't worry if you seem to miss a few hairs to begin with. Practice makes perfect after all!
Now this can all be a lot to take in for a newbie on the hairy scene, so here are the pro's & cons!

The Disposable Razor/Non-electrical Razors

  1. It is a very cheap method of hair removal.
  2. It is a very easy method of hair removal.
  3. It is one of the least painful methods of hair removal.
  4. It is one of the best methods of hair removal for beginners as it is easy.
  5. It is one of the quickest methods of hair removal as there's no faffing about with waxing strips.
  1. It can occasionally cause shaving rash which can be avoiding by taking your time & using a good moisturiser afterwards.
  2. If you're a little cack-handed like myself you may end up cutting yourself. If you do try not to panic, wash the area with clean water & whack a plaster on it.
As you can see, I found a lot more pro's than cons when it came to this method of hair removal. However I am not an expert, some things work better for others. It's all about trial & error! This is one of my favourite methods of hair removal & I always like to keep a pack of disposable razors handy in the bathroom! The results normally last up to 2 weeks (if you're lucky & depending on your rate of hair growth!)

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The Electrical Razor


  1. Much like the disposable razor it is a very quick & easy method of hair removal.
  2. Some people prefer the electrical razor to the disposable razor as it does all the work for them.
  3. You have to replace them less often.

  1. An electrical razor is a lot more expensive than a disposable razor, ranging from between £10 to even £100! However some people think of it as an investment as they won't have to buy another razor for quite some time.
  2. Some electrical razors are not water safe, so please check the user manual before dunking it in to the bath with you!
If you have tried a disposable razor & want a more permanent version then this could be for you! I myself own an electrical razor, however as it is not water-friendly I have to use it on dry legs, which I find makes it a lot less effective. When looking in to electrical razors I would really recommend getting one you can get wet as these are a lot better at removing every single teeny hair!

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(this method can be used on the legs, underarms, bikini area & face)

This is it, the scary one! The one that most people feel nervous just at the thought of! Waxing is considered one of the more painful methods of hair removal. There are two types of waxing. Using hot wax & applying strips to it to remove hair or ready-to-use wax strips, which you take out of the packet & put straight on to your hairy bits without the need for hot wax. A lot of people prefer this method as it takes longer for the hair to grow back, therefore leaving more time before you have to wax again. Sounds good huh? Well here's the info!

Image taken from www.disambiguity.com

  1. It is a very effective way at removing every single hair as it is applied to each section (of whichever bit you are waxing) & pulls the hair out from the root.
  2. As it pulls every hair out from the root it rakes longer for the hair to grow back, leaving your legs silky smooth for longer.
  3. You can get this done at a beauty salon if you're a bit afraid of going it alone!

  1. It hurts! Try not to let this put you off if you really really want to try this method. It does sting a bit, but this doesn't normally last longer than 20 minutes. 
  2. It's fiddly. There is a lot more time needed when waxing. You have to get the wax ready (if using hot wax) you'll also have to add a bit of extra time on for all the uhmm-ing & ahh-ing you'll be doing in the bathroom as you attempt to remove the strips!

Image taken from hometownlaserclinic.com

I have personally tried this method a few times. I've only tried with ready-to-use waxing strips. The first time I tried it was with a free sample I had received. I decided to use this on my underarms & oh boy did that hurt! I was very disappointed with the results & felt like my skin had been ripped off & not the actual hair! But don't let this put you off! Everyone is different & maybe it was just the brand that wasn't very effective! 

(this method can be used on the legs, underarms, bikini line & face)

Epilation is when each hair is individually pulled from the root. You can buy an epilator or have this done at a salon. It is thought of as the most effective way of removing hair as it lasts the longest, usually 4-6 weeks.

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  1. The results last the longest out of all the methods of hair removal.
  2. It can be done at home using an epilator or at a beauty salon.

  1. It is considered one of the more painful methods of hair removal.
  2. It is not the cheapest form of hair removal with epilators' ranging from £35-£150!
I have personally used an epilator once after being recommended by a friend. I found it was very effective at removing every single hair, although it wasn't the most comfortable experience! My legs were very sore after this & I also felt that although it does last longer, it was pretty much just as effective as a razor!

Hair Removal Cream
(this method can be used on the legs, underarms, lip, bikini line, but is not advised all over the pubic area as it can burn if it gets misplaced!)

There are many different hair removal creams out there. Some of which are specifically designed for the facial area & come with a spatula to remove the cream with others you wash off in the shower. This is personally my favourite method of hair removal for my lip. It's a fact of life ladies, whether we like to admit it or not, our body's are covered in hair & unfortunately this means our faces. Obviously this isn't always very noticeable, but for some of us we just have to draw the line at upper lip hair! The one I like to use is Boots Smooth Care Facial Hair Removal Cream £2.99. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then scrape off using the spatula provided. You then wash the area with clean warm water, pat dry & apply a layer of the after care cream which is also provided. The results normally last 2-3 weeks.

We have to draw the line somewhere ladies! Image taken from www.coloribus.com 

  1. This is another pain-free method of hair removal.
  2. You can usually get removal cream for a few pounds & it tells you on the packet which areas that certain cream can be used on.
  3. It is a quick & easy form of hair-removal.


  1. It can give you a rash, so always check the label & make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients.
  2. I personally find when used on the lip it can cause slight redness & be a bit sore afterwards. This can be reduced with the after-care cream which is usually provided. I also find ice-cubes help with this. Don't worry if you experience any these side effects, they usually go within 30 minutes.
Another thing I will say about this method is be careful! If you are using it on a bikini line then DO NOT go too far down! If it gets in your private parts it will burn! A lot! So just be careful!

(this method can be used on the eyebrows)

Image taken from www.johnlewis.com

This is the common method for removing stubborn eyebrow hair! 


  1. It is an easy method of hair removal that can be done at any time, any place!
  2. It's an affordable method of hair removal. You can buy tweezers from as little as a couple of pounds.


  1. To be honest with you, I really can't think of any cons! The only thing I will say is that this method of hair removal can cause slight redness especially if it's your first time. I find Vaseline with added aloe vera can help with this. Also, as mentioned before, keep the ice cubes ready! The results last around 1-2 weeks.

Laser Hair Removal
(this method can be used anywhere on the body)

Image taken from www.telegraph.co.uk 

This is normally done in a salon, although there are a few laser hair removal kits on the market. The idea is that the laser kills the hair at the root. This is great is you're looking for a more permanent method of hair removal.


  1. It reduces hair re-growth by 60-95% meaning you won't have to worry as much about hair removal.
  2. It is virtually pain-free, meaning you can look forward to having unwanted hair removed without the fear of it hurting!
  3. It can be used anywhere on the body and I mean everywhere! So if you are experiencing hair growth in a more uncommon place then no need to worry, it's can be removed with laser hair removal!


  1. It's not cheap with laser hair removal kits ranging from £150 up & salon treatments at around £50 a pop, it isn't the most purse friendly form of hair removal!
As I have never had this done I cannot give you my personal experience. However this is something I've always wanted to try & from what I've heard from friends who have had this done, it sounds like a very effective way of dealing with unwanted body hair! It normally lasts up to 6-8 weeks.

Keeping It Natural
(this method can be used anywhere on the body!)

Okay so I've been through every which way I can think of to remove hair. However I have not yet mentioned the cheapest method of all & that is leaving it alone! Obviously this is down to personal preference, but if you do not want to get rid of your body hair then don't let yourself feel pressurized to! It's your body at the end of the day & only you can decide what you want to do to it. I understand there is a lot of pressure put on us girls these days when it comes to maintaining a "perfect" body (another topic I will going in to another time!) what with the media telling us body hair is unacceptable, it's easy to end up following the crowd.

 However more & more girls are deciding to grow their feminine bushes out of pride of being a woman & not letting the extremely sexualised media that is pushed in our faces every day tell us what to do! "Why should I shave something that my body naturally grows because men have an unrealistic view of what women should look like down there?" This is something a lot more women are now saying. The media, the people around us & even porn all give people false perceptions of reality. "I am not a porn star! I'm a real woman who just wants to be natural!" To all the women thinking this way, I say "You go girl!" Don't let anyone tell you what to do to your body if it's something that makes you unhappy. 

I hope this post helps any of you going through a body hair nightmare! I'd just like to say that I am not an expert, these are just my personal views & everything else included in this post has been researched for you via the internet. Let me know your fave way to remove hair or if you're an all-natural lady! Please be sensitive towards others when giving your views.
Kelly xx


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