Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Life update & OOTD

Why hello there you gorgeous lot! So what news do I have for you? Let me see! Firstly you may have noticed that my hair is blonder than before! My sister Dani is doing a hairdressing course at college & needed a client for a cut & colour. Me being the lovely big sister I am volunteered (I was very nervous about this! haha!) But I needn't have worried! She gave me a trim & sorted out my layers (which she had messed up previously, hence my nerves!) threw in a few highlights and lightened the ends. I was really surprised how un-damaged my hair was after this! I really like the blonde, I think it's a great colour for summer! What do you guys think? 

So this brings me on to my next topic! It's Dani's birthday this month, she's going to be 18! (where has the time gone?! I swear she was crawling around in her nappy just 5 minutes ago! I must be feeling old!) Anyway, I'm really stuck at what to buy her! Her birthday is not until the 18th, which gives me a bit of time. Can you guys help me? (please?! haha) She loves her make up & clothes like most of use girls, she's also in to tattoos & piercings (much to my mum's disappointment!) oh, and she's a massive music fan! So I'm thinking maybe gig tickets, or a Ted Baker bag she recently pointed out to me, hmm decisions decisions! Would love to hear you guys' suggestions! :)

Finally, I hope that everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather, I certainly am! It's not often we get a bit of good sun in this country so I threw on my sunnies & shorts and headed outside for the day with my bestest friend Kate! I have mentioned her before in an OOTD post, but if you didn't know she is an amateur photographer. So I took advantage of this on our day out in the sun & asked her very nicely to take a few shots of me. OOTD time! (just to note, I apologise for the "squintyness" in the photos, that sun was really getting my eyes! But I'll try not to moan about that too much, as the weather was glorious!)

What I'm wearing:
Top - charity shop
Shorts - Blue Star £5
Sandals - Dorothy Perkins £12 in sale
Sunglasses - New Look £2.99
Bag - New Look £14.99
Charm bracelet watch - Accessorize (a present from my lovely boyfriend, I think was around £30)

My make up:
Revlon Colorstay oily/combination foundation in Ivory
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent
Rimmels Apocalips in Big Bang
MUA blusher in 001
Revlon Photoready 3D mascara in Blackest Black
Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish nail polish in Pearl Drop

I hope you're all having a lovely time in this gorgeous weather! Let me know what you're up to! :)
Kelly xo


  1. Really lovely photos! I like your bag very much! :)

  2. cool blog! I love your outfit! Mind checking out and following my blog?

  3. I love your top!


  4. your outfit is really the top!
    I started to follow your blog right now...if you like follow mine <3 <3


  5. cute pictures!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!

  6. We've had a gorgeous few days, I think that was our summer, haha! I adore those shorts, they're so cute!! Love the hair colour too, your sisterdid a good job :-) New follower for you!

    Robyn x

    1. I know! Haha! Oh thank you so much! :)

      Kelly xx