Friday, 3 May 2013

A Review Of Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser

Why hello there my dears! Hope you're all well! I am super-duper well after discovering this little gem and you're all so very lucky as I'm about to share with you my new-found secret to beautiful skin!

I have recently been on the look-out for a brand new moisturiser (as my Liz Earle one has now run out, boohoo!) Now, I'm sure most of you have heard of the new range of moisturisers by Garnier, namely Moisture Match. If not the idea of the range is that there are five completely different moisturisers for five completely different skin types/problems. They have been tailor made to match your specific skin needs which I think is such a brilliant idea and a real innovation in skincare! I can never seem to find a moisturiser that actually targets my skin type; some make my skin oily and give me spots while others dry my skin out, there just never seems to be a the perfect balance that's just right for my skin!

The range comes in Protect & Glow for normal skin, Start Afresh for normal/dry skin, Goodbye Dry for dry/very dry skin, Wake Me Up for dull skin and Shine Be Gone for combination/oily skin. As I have combination/oily skin but also feel that my skin can be a little dull sometimes I wasn't quite sure which one would be most beneficial for me! So I decided to get online at and order a free sample! When my sample came through, the lovely people at Garnier had given me three different samples! Result! So I got to try both Wake Me Up and Shine Be Gone. I also got a sample of Protect & Glow but gave this to my mum who has normal skin!

So what were the results I hear you say? Firstly Shine Be Gone for combination/oily skin. This moisturiser felt lovely! The first thing I noticed was the texture was quite peculiar. As this is a mattifying moisturiser it felt almost fluffy/lumpy whilst applying, which was a very new experience for me. Despite this quite odd sensation, as soon as it was absorbed my skin had never felt so soft! It also smelt divine! Which is always a plus in my book! As for mattifying my skin I didn't see a huge difference at first, however once I had applied my make up it really did stop my skin going shiny! This has always been a problem for me as no matter what make up I wear, my skin always ends up getting oily during the day. But this completely stopped that! All in all an amazing high-street moisturiser!

Next up is Wake Me Up for dull skin.
This one is a gel-based moisturiser, which is something I've never really tried before. As soon as this gorgeous stuff touched my face I felt like my skin was in heaven! It was incredibly refreshing and my skin instantly drank it in! It really felt like it was nourishing my skin and my face felt so pampered after I'd used this, I didn't want to put any make up on! It also smelt gorgeous! This is a real winner for the summer, just right for when you need something to soothe and refresh your face in the hot weather! It really did brighten my dull skin, it looked so healthy and dewy! This lovely stuff also made my skin feel super soft, I couldn't stop stroking my face! 

So after trying both I decided I'd buy the Shine Be Gone one as it is just right for my skin type and makes a great everyday moisturiser! Although Wake Me Up really does just what it says on the tin I think I will wait til it's a little warmer before buying this. Can't wait to use this one in the summer! I am so happy I've found these beautiful moisturisers and really hope anyone looking for a new moisturiser gives these a go! They're really worth the hype!

Garnier Moisture Match moisturisers are available at most Superdrug, Boots & Sainsburys stores and retail at £5.99 (on offer at Sainsburys for £3.99, a real steal for such amazing stuff!)

Anybody else tried these little wonders? What's your fave face creams? Let me know! :)
Kelly xo


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  3. I definitely need to give this a go, if you can use the liz earle one and then go on to rave about a cheaper option, it must be good! I like the idea behind the new garnier range as well

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    1. Yeah it's really good stuff! A great cheaper alternative! :)

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