Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Topical Tuesdays: Bake It Or Fake It?

Okay so I thought it was time I introduced a "weekly post" and I wanted to do something I could really sink my teeth in to. So I introduce to you Topical Tuesdays! These posts will give you all the chance to discuss the many different topics I often wonder about (I'm a bit of a daydreamer and over-thinker!) and share your opinions on them. I will also do a little q&a on them so you can find out a little more about me!

Is your tan Summer ready? photo by theflawedphilospher.com

So let's get started! Today's topic is Bake It Or Fake It? I'm sure that most of you have guessed that I'm talking about that one little fashion accessory that most girls go mad for, especially during the Summertime. The tan! This has become quite a controversial topic of recent years and with some researchers saying that sunbeds are very bad for you and others saying that a little sun is good for you, it's difficult to know what is best.

A few personal questions answered by me.

Do you use sunbeds?
No, I've never used a sunbed in my life! I'm a bit of a health freak when it comes to what I do to my skin and I've never really liked the sound of those sun bed warnings! 

What skin type do you have?
I'm pale-skinned hence why it would be an awful idea for me to use a sunbed, I would burn to a crisp!

Do you use fake tan?
Yes. More so in the Summer, I think it can really complete a look during the warmer weather! But I prefer the sun-kissed look to the Essex look!

If so, what are your fave fake tanners to use?
I love Solait Instant Bronzing Foam from Superdrug! It's so easy to apply and gives an even, natural looking tan. It also lasts ages!

Solait self tan foam is available from Superdrug and retails at £5.99

  What are your tips for achieving an even tan when "faking it"?
Less is most definitely more when it comes to fake tan, especially if you're using one that develops! I prefer to use instant tanning products, I find them so much easier to apply and I think they look more natural. I've tried gradual tanning tinted moisturizers, however I find that they tend to go a bit patchy after time. I always use a good moisturiser before using fake tanning products (it helps it to go on more even!) It's also a good idea to exfoliate before you plan to use your fake tan. (again, this helps achieve a more even tan!) Start with just a little bit and see how far that goes (it varies between foams, gels, cream, etc so you may just need a bit) I normally start on my legs and work my way up, but it's all about finding out what's best for you! You should also invest in some gloves to wear whilst using your fake tan (it can get a bit messy and stained hands is not a good look!) Having a full length mirror nearby is a good idea too, so you can make sure you've not missed any bits! It might take a couple of goes so don't worry if it isn't perfect first time. There's also lots of choice out there so there's sure to be a fake tanning product out there for you! 

Do you use SPF?
I never used to bother with SPF. We do live in rainy England after all! However one day last year I met up with a friend to go shopping. The day had started out quite grey and cloudy, however during the day the sun decided to come out and really did a number on my skin! I had never had sun burn that bad before! I never knew that just walking about in the sun could really have such an effect on your skin! Since then I always make sure I apply SPF (usually 50) before leaving the house (or keep some handy with me!) Looking like a red, crusty lobster was not a good look!

Thoughts on spray tans?
I've never actually had a spray tan, although it is something I've always been interested in trying. What do you guys think?

Now I've also done a little research myself for you lovelies, so here's a few facts about sunbeds & fake tan!

Why is there an age limit on sun beds?
There is an age limit on using a sun bed because researchers have found that exposure to the harmful UV rays they give out, at a young age, can cause a greater risk of developing skin cancer in later life.

photo taken from confused.com

What damage can using a sun bed actually do?
Are you ready for it? Here are the scary cons of using a sunbed. The chance of developing skin cancer (malignant melanoma) is increased by an alarming 75% if you regularly use a sunbed. (scary!) Excessive exposure to UV rays is also the most common cause for premature ageing and who wants wrinkles at this age?! 
Don't think that just because you can't see the damage, it isn't there. Symptoms of skin damage can take up to 20 years to appear! Woah!
UV rays are also really bad for your eyes, increasing the risk of cataracts and eye infections, especially if you don't wear goggles!

What are the cons of using fake tan?
It is messy! So be sure to let it dry properly before you put any clothes on! It can also stain your hands if you don't use gloves so always wash your hands after tanning!

Any pros of using a sun bed?
Not that I'm trying to scare any of you, but there aren't many pros of using a sun bed! UV rays provide Vitamin B, which is beneficial for the skin. However just going out in the sun is enough to provide us with all the Vitamin B our skin needs. Sunbeds give out 10x the UV rays the sun does! Scary! However, with responsible use (and as long as you're the right age!) I think that if you really want to give sun beds a go, then just make sure you know the risks and don't go too OTT with them!

Pros of fake tan?
It's safer! By using fake tan opposed to sun beds you're not putting yourself at risk of developing skin cancer or any other damage to your skin. It's also cheaper. The average bottle of fake tan ranges from £4-£25 and normally lasts a while. It usually costs around £1.50-£2 for just 3 minutes on a sun bed (with most sessions lasting around 10-15 mins, depending on how developed your tan already is) that's up to a tenner a time! Fake tan is also really easy to use, and if you do make a mess of it you can always wash it off and start again. You can't wash off skin damage!

So there you go. I hope this little post has helped any of you thinking of trying fake tan for the first time or if you just wanted to learn a bit more on the risks of sunbeds. 

So what do you lovely people think of the "tan-edemic"? I'd love to hear your views!

Kelouise xo


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've been through the whole thing and completely love your site (we are so similar, pale, terrified of sunbeds, short hair, boyfriend called Simon...). Would you like to follow each other?

    1. Ah that's cool!
      Yeah sure, I always try to follow my followers! (as long as their blog is something I'm actually interested in, like beauty, fashion, etc!)

      Kelouise xo

    2. Awesome, I'm following x

  2. i love being tanned but i always find fake tans to be orangey rather than brown:( only natural tans look good which can be extremely expensive to fly abroad and dont last too long :( england should have sun all year round!


    1. The one I use is really good, gives a nice, natural glow! :)

      Kelouise xo

  3. I agree with you about sunbeds, I'm pale and I'd never risk getting burnt let alone cancer! Plus I love that picture of the barbie haha!

    1. Aha, yeah I'd just go red if I used a sunbed!

      Kelouise xo

  4. I've never used a sun bed and I hope that I'll never use ;)


    1. Aha, good to hear! :)

      Kelouise xo