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My hair story and hair care essentials

My hair story

My hair used to be my favourite fashion accessory. I loved changing it every month, the colour, the cut, the style. I got bored so easily, I loved to make a statement with my hair, my little way of expressing my individuality. I've had my hair every colour of the rainbow and adored my clip-in hair extensions.

 However, this obsession came at a price. I put my hair through the wars, never really worrying or thinking about the damage I was doing to it. Here are a few things I used to put my hair through (I advise you not to do them!) and also my present hair care essentials (which I'm sure my hair now appreciates!)

 Through colouring and repeatedly bleaching my hair it had become extremely dry and damaged. I also was a big fan of big hair and back-combed the hell out of it! (never good on already weak and distraught hair!) I was pretty lazy when it came to hair care, so never really bothered with heat-protection sprays and rarely gave my hair a deep conditioning treatment (which it very much needed!) 

And the damage didn't end there. Wearing my extensions on a daily basis caused my hair to break and fall out easily. I ended up with a rather horrendous case of Alopecia (bald spots) at the back of my head where I'd worn them too much. Now, I know you're all probably reading this thinking "OMG, that's hair suicide!" but this was when I really realised the damage I'd done and knew enough was most definitely enough (it took a while, but better late than never) so I put down the peroxide and threw away the extensions. My hair needed a serious over-haul and I had to send it to hair rehab!

My hair care essentials

So after a good couple of years of TLC my hair is in the best condition it has ever been in! I can't believe what I used to do to it, I put it through hell and back! So here are a few things that rescued my locks from complete ruin. I hope this helps anyone who's neglected their hair or if you just want to try some new products! (just FYI  my hair is just longer than shoulder length and is naturally a moussey blonde colour. It is thick (so my hairdresser tells me) and a bit limp).

Shampoo & conditioner
Right, so let's start with the basics. I know that there are a lot of different shampoo's and conditioners out there all claiming to give moisture, enhance shine and create volume, but here are a couple of my faves that really did the job! VO5s' Plump It Up shampoo and conditioner, really volumises my hair (great if your hairs a bit limp and sad like mine). They give it a big boost and also make it super shiny. (thumbs up). They are £3.99 each and available at most Boots and Superdrug stores.


 I also love Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner. It really gives my hair the moisture injection it so desperately needed! It smoothes hair and makes it a lot more manageable.  It also has a peachy scent to it, smells gorgeous! These retail at £5.99 each and again can find them at your local Boots or Superdrug stores.

Conditioning treatment
With so many leave-in, deep conditioning treatments out there it was difficult to choose which one I thought would help to repair my hair the most, but after a lot of sleuthing around Boots and Superdrug, it just had to be this one! Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor really was a miracle! After just one use my hair felt a lot softer and hydrated (it was so thirsty it needed a very big drink!) I now use this treatment, once or twice a week, or whenever my hair looks like it do with a bit of a pick-me-up. I love this stuff! You can find it at most Boots and Superdrug stores and retails at £4.99 (it's totally worth every penny!) (also don't have a pic as I have ran out, will upload one soon though!)

Heat protection
Lee Stafford Heat Protection spray is without a doubt my all-time favourite for looking after your locks when blow-drying or using straighteners. The first thing I have to say about this little beauty is the smell, dear Lord it smells heavenly! Every time I use this stuff (which is pretty much all the time) I spend the rest of the day sniffing my hair! (don't even care how silly that makes me look, it smells gorgeous!) I also adore the packaging it comes in, which attracted me to it in the first place, a very cute sexy pink and white bottle. (fancy!)

So does this hair wonder actually work? Yes indeedy. It really stops your hair getting damaged when using heat on it. It doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky either, which I find a problem with many other heat protection sprays. Now I was a little bit taken aback by the price (it costs £7.49 for a 200ml bottle) but if you want heat protection that works then it's worth the money. It really does the trick! 

That extra little boost
Now obviously, with my hair being so damaged (I'm still sorry I did that to you hair!) I suffered from a lot of split ends. I never really thought a split-end treatment would actually work, but as I was browsing online at LUSH, I came across one and thought "oh eck, I'll give that a go".  And am I glad I did? Absolutely! LUSH's Shine So Bright Hair Balm For Split Ends (bit of a mouthful) really does what it says on the tin.

 You just rub a little between your fingertips until it turns into a kind of oily substance then work through your split ends, simple! I tend to put it on dry hair, after I've blow-dried it, but I think you could probably put it on damp hair before drying too (it doesn't come with instructions). After just a couple of uses my hair was looking shinier and a lot less dry. A very handy little remedy for naughty hair that just won't behave! It costs £4.50 for the 10g tin (it lasts for ages!)

More tips for dry/damaged hair

When dealing with problem of dry & damaged hair one of the key tips is not to "over-wash" your locks. The natural oils your hair produces are actually very beneficial and key to healthy, hydrated hair. I'm not saying never wash your hair, but try not to do it every single day, once or twice a week (depending on the length) should be enough. 

If you find it difficult to go a day without washing your hair, then try "training" it. Start to gradually decrease the amount of times you wash it in a week and if that scares you invest in some dry shampoo for in-between washes. My fave is Batiste Dry Shampoo in Wild, £2.99 (pictured below). It smells divine and keeps hair feeling refreshed, a great quick fix.

Another tip is not to use too much heat on your hair, as it really damages it. Try to limit the amount you use your hair straighteners and let your hair dry naturally. Naturally dried hair makes a great boho beachy look in the summer!

I hope this very long rambling helps any of you out there in need of some hair SOS.

Anyone else have any good hair tips? What's your fave products for perfect locks?
Kelouise xo

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