Saturday, 14 December 2013

LUSH: Amazing Customer Service

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Hello my lovelies. Firstly I'd like to say sorry for my lack of posts recently. What with the run up to Christmas I've been a very busy lady! However I haven't forgotten about you & will try my best to fit in some more posts when I next get a spare hour to myself!

So today's post is a little different from my usual beauty reviews. Instead I'd like to tell you all about the fab customer service I recently received from LUSH. If you know me, you'll know that I am a massive fan of LUSH! Unfortunately though my nearest store is a 40 minute drive away so most of the time I find myself roaming through the pages of their online store whenever I need my LUSH fix! I've never had a problem with LUSH in the past; they have always been very helpful with my orders, always paid attention to any specific notes I leave for the packing team like asking for a certain free sample & delivery is always quick & efficient. However, I am sad to say that I did not have such a happy shopping experience with them this month.

I'd made a large (and very expensive!) order as I'd decided to buy a few relatives Christmas presents. Unfortunately though, when I received my parcel of LUSH goodies, I was to say the least a little disappointed. Two of the items were completely broken. One of which was So White bath ballistic, which if you know all about LUSH products, is a white ballistic with a secret red centre. Not so secret anymore as it was all crumbled up! The other item was a Melting Snowman luxury bath melt, whom I received without his nose! Normally that wouldn't bother me, but these were intended as gifts and I expected better from one of my fave stores! They also cost £5.50 together, which is a lot of money for two broken products.

So I decided to email LUSH customer service with my complaint. As quick as a flash I had a response from a lovely team member Alex. They were very apologetic about my experience and asked me to email photos of the broken goods alongside my invoice information. The following morning they responded telling me that replacement items would be sent out straight away & I should expect them within the week. I received them 5 days later in perfect condition. They'd included a note to the packer to be extra careful with my order too!
Not only was I more than happy with this wonderful customer service, they even said I could keep the broken products! (normally you'd have to send them back as proof!)

Despite my first (and hopefully only) bad experience with LUSH, I am more than happy with the help I received & am still a very happy customer who will continue to shop at this wonderful store. Thank you LUSH!

You too can order from LUSH online at

What are your best & worst experiences with customer service? Let me know in the comments!

Kelly x 

Monday, 18 November 2013

NOTD: Autumn/Winter Edition #2: Color Show Marinho

There are so many reasons I love Autumn & Winter. The crisp, cold mornings where you get to layer up in some lovely warm woolies. Snuggling up in front of the fire with hot chocolate & a good book. And of course it is my all-time fave excuse to stuff myself with choccies and other wonderful food that makes an appearance at this time of year. 
So keeping in theme with my last NOTD post I thought I'd explore what other nail colours I find myself drawn to during this season and what better time to do so than for a festive night out with friends. I am a huge fan of the warm reds & gorgeous oranges that most of us favour during the colder months (so it's an understatement to say that I got a little over-exciting when choosing some new nail polishes!) However I thought I'd put myself a little out of my comfort zone this time & opt for something a bit different.

Whilst looking for something for my night out I came across this little beauty. Marinho by Maybeline Color Show is a beautiful black/purple, very dark & sophisticated, perfect for this season. It's great for Christmas parties or use it to add a little goth glam to everyday winter outfits. This polish is very shiny & doesn't chip for a good few days. (I like to use 2 coats of it!) 

What are your fave colours for getting into the festive season? Let me know!

Color Show is available from most Boots & Superdrug stores & retails at £2.99.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked

I had recently ran out of my current Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (one of my faves & great for brightening skin in this dull weather!) So I got myself down to my local Superdrug store quick sharp to get some more. Whilst there I thought it would be a great time to give something new a try. I decided to be brave as my skin has been behaving itself recently & go for a more natural finish, something a bit less full-coverage. This is when I came across Revlon Nearly Naked. I've always been a big fan of Revlon's other products namely their gorgeous Lip Butters and Colorstay Foundation, so I was more than happy to give this one a go..

Pictured myself wearing Revlon Nearly Naked. Also wearing a coat of Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro mascara, to help bring my eyes out for the more natural look I'm going for.

I have to say I was super pleased with the results I got from this foundation. I applied it using my new Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (review coming soon!) to give me a lovely flawless finish. Once on my skin, it felt light as air, something which I loved as there is nothing worse than that "caked on" feeling when it comes to foundation. Nearly Naked, which I bought in the lightest shade Shell, provided me with light to medium coverage, something which I expected given the name. So I'd recommend this for when you're having a good skin day. I have quite sensitive skin so was extra pleased that this didn't break me out & it lasted all day. Result! It also contains SPF20 (especially good if the sun ever decides to show it's beautiful face again this year! Yeah right!)

So what's your fave foundation at the moment? Give me your recommendations in the comments!

Revlon Nearly Naked retails at £8.99 and is available from most Boots & Superdrug stores.

Kelly x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NOTD Autumn/Winter Edition #1: Color Show in Candy Apple

Pictured Maybeline Color Show in Candy Apple

The golden, crunchy leaves, the bitter cold mornings and the urge to go shopping for anything warm and woolly (oh, I do love an excuse to shopping!) Yes Autumn has arrived. With the changing of the seasons also comes a change in my wardrobe and make up and where better to start than nail colour? There's something exciting about ditching the light, summery colours and bringing out the warmer, gorgeous Autumn/Winter ones! 

So after a good ten minutes (okay, it may have been 20!) ooh-ing & ahh-ing at the wide variety of nail polishes available in my local Boots store, I finally settled on Candy Apple, a beautiful red that just screams Christmas is coming, make way for the festivities! Even the name, Candy Apple is very season appropriate! This is also the first time I've tried Maybelines Color Show nail polishes, so I was doubly excited and rather impressed! I only used one coat, which was enough to give me great colour pay off. It was also a good 3 days before it got chipped and dried pretty quickly. (triple points for Maybeline!)

Candy Apple and all other Maybeline Color Show polishes are available online and in mostt Boots and Superdrug stores retailing at £2.99 each.

What's your fave colours for the colder months ahead? Let me know!
Kelly x

Monday, 30 September 2013

Time to scrub up, sugar!

If, like me, you find your skin getting dry and flaky as the weather gets even colder (bloomin' England!) then I'm sure that you too, find yourselves stocking up on the body scrubs, lip balms & anything else that has the words "dry" and "chapped" written on it. I am one of those people that likes to think better safe than sorry and really use the seasonal changes as an excuse to give myself a bit of TLC. (I'm thinking bubble bath, hair mask, a big scrub up, the works!)

Whenever I reach the Soap & Glory section in Boots I am most definitely in my element. What with their eye-catching packaging, humorous quips and gorgeous scents I'm always more than happy to spend my Saturday afternoon browsing everything they have to offer. (and more often than not coming home with a few of their lovely products!) So what with the winter fast approaching (and there being a buy one get one half price offer on not having anything to do with it. ahem!) I thought it was high time I treated myself to some of their lovely body scrubs!

Firstly, I decided to go for The Breakfast Scrub, as this is one of my all-time faves from S&G.It comes in a generously sized 300ml tub with a cute pink lid. If you like your bath products girly and sweet-smelling then this is definitely one for you! Full of shea butter, oats, sugar, banana, almond & honey extract and with a gorgey maple syrup fragrance it really begs the question "Are you sure I can't eat it?" (trust me, it took a great deal of restraint to stop myself from having a little nibble!). This lovely scrub has a thick, luxurious consistency and is a real treat to use. I like to use this on my legs before shaving as it makes them super soft & silky and it really helps smooth down those pesky dry bits (elbows, feet, knees). So if you want to feel like a pampered princess (or just want the maple syrup without the calories!) the The Breakfast Scrub is for you.

Next up it's Sugar Crush Body Scrub. Unlike The Breakfast Scrub, this wonderful little pot is perfect for those of you who prefer their bath times fresh and fruity. With a gorgeous zingy lime fragrance it helps to wake you up as well as your skin, making you feel refreshed & super clean! With 300ml of the stuff, this normally lasts me quite a while. It comes in very bold green & pink packaging that to me screams kitsch & cute, which I love. Packed with brown sugar, lime, almond oil & macadamia grains I would say that this is one of the most invigorating scrubs I've tried. It's something I really love about this scrub as I find most brands tend to focus more on sweet or floral scents when it comes to body scrubs and exfoliating products. Sugar Crush isn't afraid to pack a pick-me-up punch & once again S&G have hit the nail on the head with this one. If you want gorgeously smooth skin, yet need something to pep you up a little then I can't recommend Sugar Crush enough!

Both The Breakfast Scrub & Sugar Crush Body Scrub are available from most Boots stores and retail at £8 each. (get in there now whilst the buy one get one half price offer is on!)

What are your fave body scrubs? Let me know lovelies!
Kelly x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Topical Tuesdays: How to overcome shyness & make new friends

Todays' how-to topic is something I have had more than my fair share of experience with. Since I can remember I have always been "the quiet one" and if that sounds like you do not fret! It is completely normal to feel shy and not know how to approach new people. Not only does it make you feel alone but it can really get in the way of making new friends. I still have times when a stranger will introduce themselves to me & my brain just goes "Sorry Kelly, not sure what to do now so I'm just going to go completely blank, okay?" No brain, it's no okay and why do you do this to me? 

Social shyness can be caused by a number of things. Perhaps, like me, you just don't know how to strike up a conversation with someone you don't know & worry that they won't want to talk to you. Maybe you fear that you'll say something stupid and embarrass yourself. You might even suffer from anxiety when put in to these situations & just want the ground to swallow you up. Believe it or not we've all been there. It's just how we cope and deal with these situations that makes them easier for us to handle. So I've stuck my thinking-cap on & put together my top tips.

1. What's the worst that can happen?
Think about it. I know it's easier said than done but what are you actually worrying for? Okay, so you might say something & the other person might give you a funny look or laugh at you, but y'know what, who cares? If this new person who you've taken the effort to go & speak to laughs in your face then they are clearly not worth trying to be friends with & you're lucky enough to find this out first-hand! Don't let this put you off, there are tons of people that will find you interesting & enjoy talking to you! Tell yourself "I am confident. I can talk to people. People do find me interesting & want to talk to me." Repeat this mantra whenever you start to doubt yourself & write it down to look at whenever you need to. Trust me, it really helps!

2. You're not alone!
Okay, so you're at a party, stood in the corner not quite sure who to approach and what to talk about. You notice that girl who works in your office/goes to your school and think she looks like a friendly face, but what if she doesn't want to talk to you? Believe it or not she is most likely stood in the other corner of the room feeling exactly the same! Even if you know someone who is always chatting away to people it doesn't mean they're any less shy or nervous than you, sometimes people are just better at hiding it! Throw yourself out there, you'd be surprised at how much people would appreciate someone making the effort to talk to them!

3. Think up interesting topics/relate to them.
So, obviously you're not going to just walk up to that hot guy & start chatting about football & cars as if you know everything there is to know about them. You need to start slowly & get to know their interests. If you know them from somewhere start with that. I.e. "Aren't you in my maths class? That teacher does my head in!" or "aren't you friends with Lisa? Yeah I've known her for years! What's your name?" It's surprising how quickly a conversation starts to flow. Remember, if this person clearly can't be bothered to talk to you properly, just say "it was nice meeting you" and find someone who does.

4. Don't make yourself uncomfortable.
Now, I'm not saying you have to march up to every Tom, Dick & Nancy and give them your life story! Only talk to people you want to get to know better. Obviously if someone comes up to you and starts chattering away then be polite. But if you find that they are getting a little too in your face and you really do not want to talk to them then it is completely acceptable for you to leave the conversation. Just politely tell them you have to go somewhere and walk away. If it all has gotten a bit much for you, go take a breather. 5 minutes fresh air can really help you to organise your thoughts and get back in to the social situation.

5.If all else fails, keep your phone handy!
This is my no.1 for emergency situations! If you really start to panic, look at your phone & say you have a missed call/text & have to go outside to "make a call". I try not to use this one unless I'm really starting to feel uncomfortable or someone won't stop pestering me. 

I really hope that this helps any of you struggling with social shyness to make a change. I know just how difficult it can make life & some people just don't understand. So keep those beautiful chins up & get out there! You do only live once so just go for it!

I want to take this opportunity to ask you guys if you have any suggestions for my next Topical Tuesday: How to post. Is there anything you want help or advice on? Let me know! Have a fab Tuesday lovelies!

Kelly x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

LUSH Fresh Farmacy & Celestial Moisturiser: New Faves!

I was recently looking for something gentle to use on my sensitive skin. I'd been a little stressed recently and my skin was most definitely paying for it! So I thought I'd pop in to LUSH as I know they use only quality natural ingredients. What better for sensitive angry skin?

Fresh Farmacy. Image taken from

So let's start with Fresh Farmacy. This lovely bar of stuff works as a kind of cleansing soap. It's brill at removing make up (might want to use something else for that stubborn mascara though!) I don't know what I did before I found this little wonder! Every time I use it my skin feels super clean and soft, and it didn't break me out! It contains chamomile, which is very soothing for the skin. It also contains calamine which is known for it's calming properties. I found you just have to apply a little to your wet face and it lathers up a treat! It has a very mild natural smell to it, so if you're not a fan of strongly scented face products this one should be right up your street! I would highly recommend Fresh Farmacy to anyone who's having a bit of a bad time with their skin as it's very gentle and my skin loves it! Fresh Farmacy retails at £4.75 for 100g.

The other product I'm loving right now is Celestial Moisturiser, also from LUSH. This is, without a doubt, the most amazing moisturiser I have ever used! I asked for a sample of it first (as I didn't want to fork out £12 for something that doesn't work!) and the teeny pot lasted me a whole week! So to say that this stuff goes far is a bit of an understatement! The smell is beautiful too. Almost like vanilla yogurt, but it isn't too overpowering as it's all completely natural stuff and no added fragrances, which is one thing love about LUSH!
Celestial Moisturiser transformed my skin from dull and sensitive to bright and silky soft! I don't know where I'd be without this wonderful pot of cream! It contains almond milk, cocoa butter & glycerin, which are the best ingredients to give dry, sensitive skin a much-needed pick me up! I'd recommend this one to anyone with dry/combination skin as it hydrates really well. It's a little pricey at £11.95 for 45g but I assure you it is worth every penny!

Both products are available in store or at

Let me know what your fave skincare is and share your tips for looking after sensitive skin!

Kelly x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Topical Tuesdays: How To Deal With Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression

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Hello lovelies! So todays' topic is one that is very personal and something that has affected my day-to-day living since I was 13. So please appreciate that this isn't going to be the easiest post for me to write. However I believe it is important for me to share my views and offer advice for those of you who have also been unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with a panic disorder or depression. So here goes..

For the past 9 years my life hasn't been particularly easy on me. There are many reasons for this but I'll just give you the general outline. I was bullied at school. I've always been underweight and find it very difficult to put on weight. Because of this people are forever making assumptions that I have an eating disorder which is something that really got me down. I went through 2 very bad break ups and felt like all guys were just gonna treat me like poo. My parents also went through a divorce which was difficult but a relief as I spent most of my childhood trying to get away from all the arguments. I had to be the grown up of the house and help my mum out at home as she had become ill. There are many other things that happened during this period but I won't go in to them all as some are particularly personal and that's not what this post is about. I'm not writing this for sympathy, I just wanted to give you guys some idea of why and how my panic disorder and depression began so that I can try to help any of you who may going through a tough time.

What with all the stress I was having to deal with I started to feel pretty down. I didn't think too much of it at the beginning I just thought it was because I had a lot to deal with. I also found myself crying at really random things. I thought it was just my hormones playing up so again didn't think too much of it. Then one day I was out shopping. I'd never had a phobia of being out or being in a crowded place but all of sudden I just had to get out of there! My heart was racing, I began to sweat, I felt sick and shaky and had to run to the nearest toilet, I just had to get out of there! All these thoughts started running through my head. "What if I can't get home?" "What if something happens to me?" "I'm so scared! Why do I feel like this?!" I felt like I was gonna throw up! I didn't understand where this feeling had suddenly came from. After 10 minutes in the loo trying to calm myself down it eventually passed. But what the hell had happened to me? And why was I feeling this way? 

After explaining what had happened to my mum, I found out I'd had my first panic attack. So I thought I'd begin a little research of my own. It turns out that panic attacks can happen completely out of the blue, even if you were previously feeling fine. The body believes it is suddenly in danger and so produces a load of adrenaline (the stuff that makes your heart beat really fast and gives you that "panicky feeling"). This was pretty scary reading and I wondered if I'd have to deal with panic attacks for the rest of my life. With this and everything else that was going on in my life I found myself crying almost everyday. I felt isolated and alone. No matter who I told, I felt they didn't understand, even if they'd been through it themselves. I felt like everyone would judge me and say I'm mad for feeling this way. I avoided situations like crowds or talking to new people as I was scared I'd have a panic attack and make a fool of myself. I just felt completely hopeless and didn't know where to turn. So after 7 years (I know, a long time) I decided it was time to seek professional help. It took a lot, but I made myself go to the doctors and tell them how I was feeling. They were surprisingly helpful and not at all judgmental. They explained that it was completely normal to suffer from anxiety and depression and that I may benefit from some counselling. 

It seemed like one of the hardest things to do. To open myself up to a complete stranger and fear that they would judge me or think me crazy, but it was a step I had to take. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable, not knowing what they might ask me but after 10 minutes I was telling them my life story! My counsellor was amazing and gave me some great advice on how to deal with the panic attacks. If you're feeling really down or think you might be suffering from panic disorder too then please make an appointment with your GP and they can refer you to a counsellor. It'll be a hard first step but it'll be worth it! If this doesn't appeal to you there are loads of other ways to get help including pills for anxiety or hypnotherapy. I didn't want to go down the pill-popping route straight away as it seemed a little scary but I was open to all offers of help and just had to see which worked best for me personally. I'm still seeing my counsellor now and am even thinking of going to my first group session with people who are just like me. I still get panic attacks but I've learnt to cope with them in a better way. 

So if you think you may have panic disorder but aren't quite sure here are a few of the key signs:
Feeling dizzy and light-headed
Feeling sick - This is because your digestive system shuts down during a panic attack and this causes you to feel like you may be sick or need to rush to the loo!
Increased heartbeat - This is because your body is trying to prepare you take action also know as fight or flight. This means that your body is deciding whether to run away from the situation or fight it. 
Shaking and trembling
Feeling like you have no control over the situation you're in or having a fear that you can't escape
Fast breathing/feeling like you can't breathe - This is because your heart rate has increased causing you to feel out of breath
Numb/tinging hands and feet - This is because during a panic attack the blood tends to rush to one area therefore causing other areas to feel numb and strange
Feeling tired or exhausted - Panic attacks are essentially how the body acts during exercise and therefore can be pretty draining.

If any of this sounds familiar to you don't worry you are most certainly not alone! 1 in 4 people will suffer from some form of mental illness. I know, there they are, those 2 little words that horrify everybody, but depression, panic disorder and anxiety are all forms of mental illness. It in no way means that you are mad but that you may have had a lot to deal with in your life and they are completely normal reactions to a build up of stress from every day life. Remember, you didn't ask to feel this way, nobody does so never blame yourself because it is in no way your fault. You should feel proud of yourself. Yes some people may live their lives never having had a single panic attack and these people are very lucky indeed, but you are such a strong person for having to cope with this disorder! Each time you cope well with a panic attack give yourself a pat on the back because you damn well deserve it, I should know! 

When my anxiety was at it's worse, so was my depression. I was too scared to go out and do things I used to enjoy. I felt like no one understood and just thought I was being rude when I declined invites out to places. This in turn made me feel even more depressed because I felt so alone. It was a viscous cycle.When you have a panic attack in a certain place or whilst doing a certain activity you will then relate your panic to that place and run from it. If you are ever in that place/situation again it will be in the back of your mind that you will have another attack and therefore you will avoid it. My best advice to give anyone suffering from this is to not run away from the situation. As hard as it may be try to keep calm and carry on as normal. If you act like nothing is happening your brain will eventually get bored and realise there is nothing to panic about. So keep busy and the more you do this the easier it will be each time. Remember, as frightening as they may be, panic attacks won't actually kill you!

 I decided that I needed to take action. Why should I let my body control how I feel and my life? You only get one life and don't worry, I'm not about to say YOLO (that doesn't count right?) but you have to live it! Seize the day, carpe diem, etc etc! Okay I'm getting a bit cheesy now, but you get my point. Just decide today that you are not going to let yourself suffer anymore. I'm not saying it will be easy, but the best thing you can say to yourself is "Okay so I'm gonna panic sometimes and that sucks, but I don't have to be stuck in my house hiding away from life while it happens. If I'm gonna panic here, then I can panic somewhere else where I'm out, having a good time!" How long it takes to beat your disorder depends on how severe it is. Some people may find it easier than others, while some of you may take a little longer, but it doesn't matter. Be proud of every time you say no to panic attacks and yes to life! There are always bad days, but let's just write them off, eh? Let's focus on the positive things in life.

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If this post helps just one of you I will be a very happy bunny. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments below. If you'd like to ask anything more personal and don't want to write it here feel free to email me, I reply to everyone!
Hope you're all having a fab day!
Kelly x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Essie Fear & Desire

Whilst having a browse on Fragrance Direct, I came across the most gorgeous Essie nail polish and at only £1.99 I just couldn't say no! Fear & Desire is, as you can see, a beautiful bright orange, perfect for summer. As I don't normally wear such bold bright colours, this was new territory for me and I think there's always the worry (especially with orange!) that it will look tacky. However I put my good faith in Essie and once again they've delivered!

I only used one coat as that is all that is needed for such an amazing colour pay off! If you've used Essie nail polishes before you'll know already what great quality they are and this one certainly hasn't disappointed me! My nails are beautifully bright, shiny and after 5 days of wear, still haven't chipped! A big thumbs up for Essie!

Essie Fear & Desire is available here:,4,shop,cosmetics,nails for only £1.99.

What nail colours are you loving this summer? Let me know!
Kelly x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Topical Tuesdays: How to feel sexy and confident

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So guys, as you may have noticed todays post is slightly different from the usual Topics. I thought it was time for me to start a "How-to" season and what better way to start than by giving you lovelies some tips on how to boost those confidence levels! So if you're feeling a little low or just want some advice on how to feel super sexy (we all have those days where we feel like an old bag lady, trust me!) then I am here to try my best to help you out girlfriend! (shameless Gok Wan impression there).

1. Don't compare yourself to others. This is so important when trying to feel confident about yourself! If you are forever obsessing over other peoples positive attributes and not focusing on your own then it's going to make you feel pretty crappy at the end of the day. You are you. You are never going to be this person so don't waste your time wishing you were them. Remember nobody is better than you and you are better than no one. We are all equal and it's what we do that makes a difference. You are the only you there is and we are all unique which is what makes each and every one of us special. So embrace your individuality and the things you have to offer and just be yourself! 

2. Ditch the glossies, it won't end well. Carrying on from what I just said, don't allow yourself to become addicted to knowing what the celebs are doing! "O.M.G, she's just lost all that weight, I wonder what diet she's on? I hate my muffin top!" "Oh look she's put weight on again! She looks better than before, curvy is sexy!" Sound familiar? Sod what the celebs are doing, just be yourself! If you think there is something you really would like to change i.e to lose or gain a few pounds or try that haircut you've always wanted then I say go for it, but don't ever change anything about yourself just because it's what the celebs are doing!

3. Pamper yourself. I've personally found this one of the key things to do to help pep me up when I'm feeling down and unsexy. I'll buy myself a new outfit, get my hair done, have a nice long, bubble bath, put on some slap and throw on my glad rags for a night on the town. We've all got it, we've just got to flaunt it!

4. Get your kit off! Whilst we're talking about feeling sexy, nothing makes you feel more glam and confident than some gorge new underwear! I'm not saying get down to Ann Summers for stockings and peek-a-boo bra, but I definitely feel heaps more confident when I've got my sexy undies on! (ooh-er!) Whilst we're on the topic of getting down to your smalls, it's always good to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror. It helps to look at your body and really get to know it. I think it's important to realise that nobody is perfect and that we should love our own little imperfections because they're what makes us, us! You need to feel comfortable in your own skin and once you've done that you'll be brimming with confidence!

5. Finally and quite importantly, hold your head up high! I for one am guilty of slumping around with my head down like some over-grown goth and people always pick up on it. You'll be surprised how happy and confident you'll feel just by holding your head up and smiling to the world, trust me it really works!

I hope this helps any of you looking for a confidence boost! I am in no way a professional but these are the tips that I've picked up and found the most helpful from personal experience. Feel free to leave any questions below! Have a fab Tuesday!
Kelly x

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Topical Tuesdays: How to deal with a break up

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We've all been there. You haven't got out of bed for a week, you're watching Bridget Jones Diary for the hundredth time and because of you sales of Ben & Jerrys have gone through the roof. That's right ladies, I'm talking about the dreaded break-up! It's a horrible thing for anyone to have to go through. You can't help over-analyzing everything "What did I do?" "What's wrong with me?" "Is it my fault?" "Am I ever going to meet the one?" You feel like your life is over. Any of this sound familiar? Well I'm here to tell you gorgeous lot that you are most definitely not alone and I am here to promise you (or at least try to!) that just because your relationship is over you will not end up a lonely, crazy cat lady!
I am speaking from a good few years of experience & although I am only 21 years old (almost 22!) I have had my fair share of heartbreak and rejection. You are not alone! 

So where do I begin and how can I help any of you guys who are dealing with a recent break-up? I guess I should start by telling you a few of the things I've had to deal with! To make it fun, I'm gonna call these the Friends episodes of breaking up! So I've had  "the one where my boyfriend turns out to be a lying cheating scum bag", "the one where he doesn't love me anymore" (ouch, that one hurt!), "the one where he already had a girlfriend", "the one where my boyfriend turned out to be gay" (that was interesting!) an of course there was the classic "the one where things just aren't working out". So to say I've had a lot of break up experience would be an understatement! 

Now I'm sure a lot of you are reading this thinking "how the heck is she so cheery about it?!" Well I can tell you ladies that right now I am in a very committed relationship of 2 years with my wonderful boyfriend Simon and I am happier than ever! You see there is a light at the end of that tunnel, you just have to be patient & it will find you. Trust me, there were times where I felt as if no one would ever treat me right and that I'd be alone forever (making myself sound really awesome right now!) but those feelings will pass, I promise! At the end of the day there is no point in wasting your tears and energy on someone who can't see how great you are! So here are my top tips for beating those break up blues!

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   1. Cry. Okay I know that sounds really silly after saying these tips are to make you feel better! But a good cry can be good for us and is a great way of venting our emotions! And of course you are going to be feeling upset after a break up, we're only human after all! So don't keep your tears all pent up, let yourself have a few days (because one day is never quite enough!) to mope about watching The Notebook, eating ice cream & having a good sniffle!

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     2. Pull yourself together! So after a few days of letting yourself be sad it's now time to say enough is enough! Tell yourself that you will not let this person make you feel like this! How dare they! I'm not saying get angry at that person, but don't let them take over you and your life. They don't want to be with you anymore and if they treated you badly whilst in the relationship then they are clearly not worth your time!                                                                                                                     
    3. Girl power! Okay I'm starting to sound like a Spice Girls song now but you get the idea. Surrounding yourself with your friends is the best thing to do after a break up. Friends are there to comfort you and help you through things so who better to spend time with during this difficult period you're going through? Arrange some fun girly days like shopping or going to a spa for a day. Trust me, it'll take your mind off of things!                                                                                                                  
   4. Talk to your mum! I know it can sometimes be a bit embarrassing talking boys with your ma, but they've been through it all a hundred times before! If anyone can give you any good advice about heartbreak it's got to be your mummy! Sit her down with a nice cuppa tea & let her know how you're feeling.                                                

   5. Finally, do something for you! Whether it be taking up a new hobby that you've always been interested in or focusing on what you've always wanted to do as a career, it's important to look out for number 1! 

Still feeling stuck in a break-up rut? Then make sure you remember the following things!

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"My boyfriend cheated on me! Is it my fault?"
No! There is never any excuse for that kind of behavior! If someone is unhappy in a relationship then they should just end it & some people need to learn that they can't have their cake and eat it too! From personal experience I have found that being cheated on actually makes the break up easier to get over. That person was clearly not worth my time, so why should I waste weeks feeling bad over them? It still hurts, but you will get over it and become a stronger person for it.

"I'm still in love with my ex! What do I do?"
It is completely normal to still have feelings for someone despite them breaking your heart! The best thing to do is to try to distract yourself. Go out and have fun. Time is most definitely a healer when it comes to this. There may even come a time when you look back and think "I can't believe I let myself feel that way about that person!"

"My boyfriend just broke up with me but still wants to be friends, should I?"
As someone who has never ended on good terms with any of my exes it's difficult to say. I know some people who are still great friends with their exes, so I guess it's all down to how you personally feel about that person. You have to ask yourself could you be around them when they have a new girlfriend? Or would it be too weird?

"I just got broken up with over Facebook. What does this mean?"
This means that you are so so so much better off without that person! If someone doesn't even have the decency to tell you how they feel to your face then the are not worth the time of day sweetie!

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"I'm always being dumped! Am I gonna end up alone? Am I doing something wrong?"
As someone who has been on the receiving end of a break up one too many times I can tell you that this has gone through my mind a thousand times! I can say that we all think like this occasionally  but y'know being on your own isn't the end of world! Sometimes it's good to just be yourself, do what you want when you want. If Mr Right (or Mrs Right!) happens to come along then awesome! If not, there's no hurry! Don't spend your life waiting for someone to whisk you off your feet and carry you horseback in to the sunset. It's completely normal to be single and you may even enjoy it. Without trying to sound terribly cliche, there is someone out there for everyone! Just let your life unfold and see what happens!

So there we have it! I hope my wise words (haha!) have helped any of you refusing to get out of the house 'cause you just can't face the outside world of smug, cutesy couples! If any of you have any questions or need any more advice then feel free to leave it in the comments! You can also message me if you feel your questions are a little too personal for public reading! Contact details can be find in the uh contact section (how genius!) Hope you all have a fab Tuesday!
Kelly xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Little Update

Hey guys! So I'm guessing that most of you lovelies have noticed I haven't been too chatty recently. The reason for this is that I've been a bit under the weather the past couple of weeks so have been in and out of hospital. Thankfully though I am now on the mend and felt that I should let you guys know where I've been! So do not fret, I will be posting regularly again & Topical Tuesdays will be making a return next week! 

Another thing I wanted to tell you beauts about is my YouTube channel! I'm pretty new to this video malarky and at the moment am waiting for a new camera, but as soon as I have it I will be uploading some new and (hopefully!) exciting videos! I can't wait to be able to properly chat to you lovelies! So if any of you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see me have a good old natter about then feel free to comment and let me know!

Once again, I would like to thank all of my wonderful followers for sticking by me and supporting me through my recent tough time. I promise you there are going to be some great reviews & recommendations popping up on here soon, and a few summery OOTD, which I hope you guys will love!

Any questions or video suggestions, let me know! Hope you all have a lovely day!
Kelly xx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

OOTD: Summer Monochrome

Hello again you gorgeous lot! Are you enjoying this lovely weather? I sure am! So I couldn't wait to get out in the sunshine and film my first ever OOTD video for you guys! I hope you enjoy! (I'm still getting used to this video malarky!)

Feel free to subscribe to my channel! New videos coming soon!

Kelly xx


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Topical Tuesdays: Are We All Addicts?

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Hello my lovelies! Today's post is centered around something that affects or will affect each and every one of us. Whether it be ourselves that experience this or we are affected by someone else, there's bound to be some form of addiction in your life. Maybe, you're like me and feel addicted to chocolate and shopping! Maybe you're a bit of a sneaky smoker or like a drink every now and then? Perhaps it's a lot worse than this and you know someone going through drug addiction of some kind. Whatever it may be, I think we all need a little reminder of what addiction really is. And how does it start? I will also tell you a little about my own experience with addiction. Let's begin!

To me and I'm sure to most of you the word addiction conjures up mental images of smokers, substance-abusers & alcoholics. However there are many other ways you can become an addict of something. Perhaps you love watching that certain t.v programme and you can't seem to get enough of it. Does that make you an addict? Maybe you have special rituals you have to do each and every day. Does that mean you have OCD or that you're just addicted to doing these things? Can you be addicted to people? I believe there is a very thin line between addiction and obsession, both of which have very similar attributes. 

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So what is the difference between addiction and obsession? After a lot of research I have found that this is the best way to describe them. 
Obsession is being overly focused on one thing so that it prevents more important things from entering your life. Addiction is behavior that interrupts normal activity.

For example to someone who loves exercise and think they may be addicted/obsessed. They are addicted to the endorphin's which are released through exercise which produce the feeling of happiness, Therefore they become obsessed with exercise in order to feel this way.

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An example for someone who can't seem to stop smoking would be: The person is addicted to the nicotine in the cigarette as it seems to relax them. By doing this they feel almost safe whilst holding a cigarette (the psychological bit) therefore become obsessed with smoking in order to get this feeling.

Basically we can become addicted to the way something makes us feel and how that affects our mind and body. We can then obsess over it in order to feel this way.

It's very simple when we break it down and really think about it. So how do we battle these addictions & obsessions? Once we realise why we feel this way about certain things it can become a lot easier to stop doing them. Just think to yourself "do I really need this cigarette?" because the obvious answer is that you don't. You may feel very attached to it because it helped you through a rough time, but at the end of the day it's not doing you any good! I myself can say this as a few years ago I went through a bad stage in my life. A lot of things happened which I had to come to terms with and a friend offered me a cigarette claiming that it would calm me down. I then became a smoker for the next year. It made me feel like it was something to turn to when things got too rough. I decided to stop smoking after a year because I realised it was all in my mind. I didn't need the nicotine, I'd just become addicted to the way it made me feel and in turn obsessed with smoking. It was a strange time for me as I'd always been extremely anti-smoking. I'm so glad I stopped now. At the time it was a way for me to deal with the problems I was faced with, but I told myself I'm stronger than that, I don't need to smoke.

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I decided to write this post not just based on the risks of being addicted to just one thing, but to explore what being an addict actually is. I think it's important to understand why we become addicted & obsessed to certain things, it certainly helped me get through my addiction! We only depend on things because we believe they make us feel better, when really they're taking over us, controlling what we believe. We are all strong people, we just need to believe that instead! I'm also not trying to preach at anyone or to tell them what to do, these are just my views.

I really hope this post helps any of you out there that are trying to get over an addiction of some kind. Remember if you feel like you can't get over your addiction by yourself then tell a friend or family member or make an appointment with your doctor. There are always people who are more than happy to help you.  If you have any questions I will try my best to answer them. Remember I'm definitely no professional, but I will always give the best advice I can! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and as always please be sensitive & thoughtful to others when commenting.
Kelly xx

Monday, 1 July 2013

June Favourites

Hello there lovelies. So it's that time again. I really can't believe how quickly this months gone! Anyhow let's get stuck in to my June faves!

LUSH Porridge Soap
If you read my recent LUSH haul you'll know that I love this soap! It's not pictured above as I got through it pretty quick! At first I wasn't too sure about this one as I wasn't keen on the smell, but as soon as this glorious stuff touched my skin I just knew it would be a favourite for time to come! I'd really recommend this if you suffer from dry skin as the oats are an excellent exfoliant for all your dry bits!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory
It took me a while to try this foundation out as I've not got on with Rimmel foundations in the past so was a little apprehensive. However I am so glad I finally decided to take the plunge and buy this lovely stuff! It is perfect for summer as it gives a lovely shimmery, dewy glow to the skin without looking shiny. It also gives medium to full coverage without feeling too heavy which is great for those hot days when you don't want to feel too "caked" in make up!

Maybeline 24hr Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze
After hearing a lot of fellow bloggers rave about it, I thought it was about time I gave this little beauty a try! It is a gel-cream eyeshadow and really does last all day! I love the texture and finish of this one; a gorgeous, shimmery bronze that glides on to my peepers beautifully. It is also very easy to blend for lots of different make up looks. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon
I love Revlon Lip Butters! They feel so velvety smooth on my lips and seem to last for hours! I just love how soft they make my lips! Wild Watermelon is a gorgeous pinky red, a great colour for the hot summer months! Perfect!

Original Source Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel
I'm sure by now you all know how much I love my Original Source products. Well this one is the most delicious smelling shower gel I have ever tried! It smells so fresh and citrus-y, it's like summer in a bottle! If you're looking for a shower gel that will give you a feel-good boost and wake you up in the morning then this is definitely the one for you! 

Glo White Toothpaste
I'd recently read a lot of positive reviews for this new toothpaste from Australia that claims to get those pearly whites gleaming! At only £3.99 and with a free "special" toothbrush I just couldn't say no! I've only been using this for a few days, but already I am loving it. I haven't noticed any major changes in the colour of my teeth but they are definitely looking a bit brighter! I will carry on using this to see the full effects and give you lovelies a full review soon!

What else have I been loving this month?

Cross earrings - I'd been looking for a pair of cross earrings for a while now and when in my local New Look last week came across a gorgeous pair that had been reduced to just a pound. How can a girl say no to that? I have been practically wearing them non-stop for the past week, I love them!

 Evian mineral water - I know that seems an odd thing to see on a monthly faves post, but I just can't get enough of this stuff lately! The weather has been gorgeous the past week and I always keep a bottle of Evian on me as I think it's important for your skin and general health to stay hydrated, especially in the hot weather!

Going to the park in the sunshine - Speaking of hot weather I have been loving spending the long sunny days with my boyfriend and family. It doesn't have to be anything special, just a walk to the park or a cafe with my nearest and dearest is the one of the nicest things to do in this lovely weather!

So there we have it! Another month, another selection of favourites! What have you been loving this month? Let me know!
Kelly xx

Sunday, 30 June 2013

NOTD #2: Rimmel Salon Pro in Soul Session

Hey guys! So as you may already know that I am a massive fan of Rimmel at the moment, in particular their beautiful selection of nail polishes. I was having a browse in my local Superdrug store the other day when I was drawn to the Rimmel stand. As they had Rimmel Salon Pro nail polishes on offer for just £2.99 how could I say no? That would just be rude!

As I normally go for quite bright bold colours when it comes to my nails I thought it was about time I branched out in the world of talon paints and go for something a bit more natural. I decided on Soul Session, a gorgeous taupe-y caramel colour which looks almost pink in certain lights. This was my first Salon Pro nail polish so I didn't quite know what to expect. However I must say I was very pleased with the results! 

I used this on top of my China Glaze base coat. I applied two coats of the lovely stuff as one coat didn't seem to stand out enough for me. I think I just need to get used to the whole neutral colour thing! Once dry, my nails were beautifully shiny and I really loved the colour! It's great if you're looking for a more muted shade for your nails!

As for the durability, it lasted a good 5 days before getting chipped which in my opinion is great, especially for only £2.99! I also really love the brush. It's quite wide so it only takes one or 2 strokes for each nail. What more could a girl want in a nail polish?

All in all I was very impressed by this Salon Pro Nail Polish and will definitely be checking out the other colours in the range! Well done Rimmel, another happy customer!

Have you tried Salon Pro Nail Polish yet? What's your fave colour?
Kelly xx